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(Picture above shows the Platinum Preppy Fountain pen, Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter, and Preppy Sign Marker.)

The designers of the Platinum Preppy line had environmental conservation and practicality in mind. Ink for the Preppy line can be refilled with an ink cartridge, and the tip of the marker and highlighter line can be replaced. One simple pen can undergo years of use and abuse. This article illustrates how to replace the tip of the Preppy Sign Marker and Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter. Though the pictures only show the Preppy Sign Marker, the exact same steps will work for the Preppy Fluorescent Highlighter as well.

How to:

1. Find the white color base of the marker or highlighter tip.

2. Pull the old tip straight out with your fingers.

3. Insert your new marker tip and push tightly to close.

There you have it! You have saved the environment and money by replacing the tip of your Preppy pen!
August 19, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Refills

Refill cartridges are a great way to keep your writing instrument filled with ink without having to deal with messy liquids or converters. Just puncture the ink cartridge by pushing it into the body of your writing instrument. They are a wonderfully modern innovation that allows you to keep your writing instrument always moist and ready. It's easy to use them, and this article will take you through the process.

The first step to using a refill cartridge is to identify the opening. You can usually identify the opening of an ink cartridge by noting a cup-like rim on one end. Sometimes you may even see a metal or plastic ball inside the rim to act as a seal for the ink (it will be pushed in when the cartridge is punctured.) The following picture shows a close up of some of our popular ink cartridge refills.

The ink cartridges shown are:

1. Ohto Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (OHTO FCR-6)
2. Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PILOT IRF-10SP)
3. Akashiya Brush Pen Ink Refill Cartridge (AKASHIYA SKI-200)
4. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy Refill Cartridge (PENTEL FP10-A)
5. Pilot & Namiki Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (PILOT NAM 69100)
6. Platinum Preppy Marker & Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PLATINUM SPN-100A)
7. Lamy Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (LAMY LT10)

How: The following pictures show how to refill with an ink cartridge by using the Platinum Preppy Sign Marker as an example.

1. Identify the opening of the cartridge as explained above. As you can see, the Platinum Preppy Marker & Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge (PLATINUM SPN-100A) has a telltale metal ball at its opening (other refill cartridges may show only a plastic cup.)

2. Puncture the cartridge by pushing it firmly into the plastic protrusion inside the pen body.

3. Leave your pen facing downwards until the ink soaks through the tip. If you want, you can cover the tip with a tissue and gently shake the pen or *gently* give the cartridge a light squeeze.

Now you're ready to go! Enjoy!
August 18, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Multi Pens

Save the environment with refills that allow you to use your pen again and again! These simple steps of refilling ink cartridges work for almost all the multi pens and pens that JetPens carries. We'll show you how using the Pilot FriXion Ball 3 Metal 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen.

What you need: Refills that fit the multi pen you want to refill.


1. Simply unscrew the body of your multi pen.

2. Pull out the ink cartridge that you want to replace. Push in your new ink cartridge into the empty slot and screw the body back on.

You're done!

August 18, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Multi Pens

When you’re in class taking notes and find yourself needing to switch from blue to red ink quickly, a multi pen can come in handy. Multi pens combine multiple writing instruments into one pen body which is especially useful for students, as well as professionals that need to be able to write with more than one ink color on a single document. Many multi pens also include a pencil as a convenient way to have an erasable tool included with your inks.

Multi pens that contain pencil components usually refill in a different manner from single-unit mechanical pencils. Instead of removing the eraser to drop refill lead into the chamber like you would on a standard mechanical pencil, the lead for the mechanical pencil component in multi pen has to be refilled from the inside. This refilling method applies to the vast majority of multi pens models that include pencil components, like the Uni-ball Jetstream 4&1, Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1, and Zebra Clip-On Series pens.

Once you know the technique to refilling the lead in these multi pens, you’ll be able to refill almost any other brands or models. Simply follow the steps listed below.


1. First, unscrew the body of your multi pen. Most multi pens (like the Uni-ball Jetstream 4&1 pictured) allow the entire grip section to twist off the barrel, exposing the components inside.

2. Next, pull off the end of the mechanical pencil section. More often than not, this is the actual piece that acts to dispense the lead, and can be easily removed from the lead storage tube with a firm tug.

3. While holding the multi pen body with the opening of the lead storage tube facing upwards, add more lead into the tube. Limit the amount of lead stored to 1-3 pieces only, in order to prevent lead stacking.

4. Once you have inserted your refill lead, close the storage tube by pressing the pencil mechanism back over the opening.

5. Reassemble your multi pen by screwing the barrel and grip pieces back together, and you’re good to go!

After your pen is back together, you can click the exposed pencil component a few times to get the lead flow started. Keep in mind that a lot of multi pens require you to press down the pen clip to expose the pencil first, and then you can continue to click down the clip to expose more lead.

You can find all of our multi pens here.

August 16, 2008 - Posted by Elizabeth to Multi Pens

Three cheers for the Hi-Tec-C Coleto! This device takes the all-time favorite, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and makes it into a multi pen! The Pilot Hi-Tec-C is currently one of Japan's most popular gel ink pens. It is famous for its fine point tip and smooth writing. Now you can pop in any two or three Hi-Tec-C Coleto color cartridges of your choice and customize the colors of your multi-pen. Cartridges come in 0.3mm, .4mm and 0.5mm sizes and over 15 lush colors. You can choose a pen body that fits either two or three ink cartridges.

What you need: One Pilot Coleto Body and either two or three ink color cartridges, depending on what type of pen body you have.

What you get: A fine point multi-pen with colors customized to your taste!

How: Using your Hi-Tec-C Coleto is easy, just follow these three simple steps!

1. Open the cap of your pen body.

2. Insert the ink cartridge refills into its desired position.

3. Close the cap.

Voila! You're done! Now you have a multi pen that is as unique as you are.

Teachers who prefer not to use red ink love this pen as they can customize their grading with violet, pink or blue colors. Lawyers who need to color code facts and documents also love this pen. Remember, you can also use the Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridges with the Zebra Clip-on Multi Pen to create a Hi-Tec-C Multi Pen that includes a pencil!