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New products are in!

This elegant assortment of new arrivals adds a touch of class to any stationery collection. Whether you're fancying new notebooks, fountain pens, or bags, we've got you covered.

August 11, 2015 - Posted by Ryan to Guides

Our Favorite Notebooks for Fountain Pen Use

A world class dancer needs a partner of equal measure to perform at the highest level, and a fountain pen deserves no less in the notebook it is paired with. In this post, we'll cover the things to consider when choosing a notebook for use with your fountain pen and provide some specific recommendations that will bring out its very best.

(For a more in-depth guide to what makes paper good or bad for fountain pen use, check out our Fountain Pen Paper Recommendations.)

August 7, 2015 - Posted by Miriam to Pen Perks

This sketch set is perfect for artists, whether you're a beginner or master! The large sketchbook will fit all of your doodles or masterpieces, and the lead holder and Copic multiliners will bring your vision to life. Read on to see how to enter.

New products are in!

We don't want to let go of summer yet, but this batch of new arrivals is perfect for back-to-school, including smart pen cases, punchy gel highlighters, smooth roller balls, and more!

August 4, 2015 - Posted by Heidi to Guides

Guide to Drawing Inks

Walk into any artist's studio, and you're sure to find a bottle or two of drawing ink. Inks are an invaluable tool to artists, due to their dark color, permanence, and their versatility and compatibility with a wide variety of drawing tools. But inks are not limited to professionals: students, hobbyists, and even those who just enjoy the feel of using ink straight from the bottle all can enjoy a good bottle of drawing ink.