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July 23, 2012 - Posted by Lucy to Guides, Staff Musings

EDC, or Everyday Carry, refers to a thoughtfully curated selection of products and tools that an individual carries on a daily basis. These supplies are meant to maximize preparedness for anything from normal activities, to a full-blown apocalypse.

Most of the kits displayed on contain a few basics: a wallet, knife, multitool, flashlight, cell phone, and keys. Despite this core group of essential items, EDC kits are highly customizable -- you’ll see kits that are minimalist, survivalist, high-tech, rugged, and everything in between.

But this got me thinking...what happens when your daily life is totally fantastical and weird? What does your kit look like then? Since pointless over-analysis of fictional situations is pretty much my forte, I thought I’d give it a shot. The following hypothetical kits were configured with only one rule in mind: everything has to fit, flat and without stacking, on a 8x11 sheet of paper.

Frodo's EDC (The Lord of the Rings)

The Majolica Majorca Style Fit design is the product of a collaboration between Uni-ball and Shiseido, whose Majolica Majorca cosmetics emulate pop-glamour with bright colors to match. The psychedelic pen line will add a burst of color to your pencil bag or purse!

So which one is your favorite?

John Skoyles writes the column "Pen and Ink" and is a professor, a poet, and author of the memoir, Secret Frequencies: A New York Education. Find out more about John and his work at

Antiques Roadshow has a wide audience because we like to see other people’s junk and compare it to our own. I am often stunned by a garish, multi-colored urn decorated with leprechauns and snakes appraised for thousands. It leaves me shaking my head, only to shake it even more when an object is priced high, but then come the dreaded words, when the expert says “If you hadn’t cleaned (substitute here re-finished, touched-up, etc.) this piece, it would be worth twice as much.”

I can sympathize with that last experience because I’ve lost money by throwing away dust jackets on books, only to find that, over time, a particular book is worth peanuts without the original cover. It kept slipping off when I was reading it thirty-years ago, and so it went.

And so it goes…to the boxes and papers that come with fountain pens…

New products are here!

Kaweco AL Sport Touch Ballpoint Pens feature a capacitive stylus suitable for smartphones and tablets of all kinds. The stylus is soft, replicating the feel of a fingertip, while the rest of the pen body is composed of sleek and modern aluminum. Unlike other styluses, which tend to be
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