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June 25, 2012 - Posted by Lucy to Staff Musings

Office supply fanatics are a diverse group. From the engineer in San Jose to the illustrator in Sao Paolo, they are united by a common language of brands, point sizes, and ink formulas.

Similarly to how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator divides personalities into 16 types, I’ve divided pen lovers into 8 essential categories. Which one describes you most accurately?

The Collector

People shouldn’t ask you “Lamy or Kaweco?” unless they’re prepared for a substantial lecture on the merits of each brand. The idea of confining your pens to a single pen holder is laughable, and you devote considerable resources to developing storage solutions that showcase your collection properly. You have a deep interest in everything about pens, from the way they write to the company that manufactured them.

Famous Collectors: Ash Ketchum
Likely to Own: Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

John Skoyles writes the column "Pen and Ink" and is a professor, a poet, and author of the memoir, Secret Frequencies: A New York Education.

I’m the guy sitting next to you on the bus, or beside you at the counter of a luncheonette, the one who suddenly, for no reason, gets a panicked look on his face, and whose hand suddenly darts into his sports jacket pocket to feel for what? A wallet? Plane tickets? No: a treasured fountain pen, and maybe two. He grasps something there, peeks inside his coat, and then returns to normal. For at least the next hour…

June 23, 2012 - Posted by David to Pen Pics

Here are our favorite customer images selected from our Facebook Page or the web for the month of June.

Pictures from Bonnie Jean: Bonnie Jean shares her exquisite doodles made with pens such as the Zebra Sarasa Gel Ink Pen and Rotring Ballpoint Pens. If you feel like something's off about the Pink Sarasa, you can ask Belle (the puppy) what happened!

June 18, 2012 - Posted by Lily to Pen Perks

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June 15, 2012 - Posted by David to Pen Pics

Ray Wegner is 32 years old with an amazing wife and two (soon to be three!) awesome kids. He works a full-time job during the day and is a freelance artist by night, specializing in comic book art and character design. He’s been creating art since childhood but took a break after burning out while taking college art courses. While he didn't think that break would last nearly a decade, he got the itch about two years ago to start creating again. His first ever comic work is going to be published in June, a 3-page backup story in an indie comic called Stick City, and he has done a pinup for the printed edition of a webcomic called Dear Dinosaur. Now he's working on concept art for an upcoming webcomic as well as ideas for a self-published graphic novel. You can find more on Ray and his art at or follow him on twitter.

Give us a little insight as to how you use our JetPens products in your illustrations.

I use JetPens products on every single piece of art I create...