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August 20, 2012 - Posted by David to Guides

Need something to kick start your school year? Join JetPens as we gear up for Back to School! Here are some of our hand-picked essentials for every student.

Multi Pens

Tired of hand cramps while furiously taking notes?...

John Skoyles writes the column "Pen and Ink" and is a professor at Emerson College, a poet, and author of the memoir, Secret Frequencies: A New York Education. Find out more about John and his work at

painting by Jackson Lambert

Here in Truro, Massachusetts, we have many visitors in August, enticed by the magnificent climate. It’s hot in the day and cool at night from breezes that cross this narrow strip of land that lies between the Atlantic ocean and Cape Cod bay.

Provincetown, the renowned art colony, is only eight miles away at land’s end. The abstract painter Hans Hoffman conducted a famous school there for decades spanning the forties and fifties. Among his most famous students were Larry Rivers, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler and Paul Resika.

That culture remains intact today. As a year round resident of the Outer Cape for twenty years, I have made many artist friends whose work I have bought and been given...

New products are here!

First seen on Kickstarter, the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus is a revolutionary new product that works on iPads and other touch screen devices. The brush is composed of special synthetic bristles that are conductive enough to replicate a real painting experience. Conveniently, the other end of the brush has a hard rubber stylus that

A new interview series featuring notable people within the pen, art, and design worlds. JetPens is pleased to introduce Rick Rousseau. Expand your canvas with the Sensu Brush.

The Sensu Brush is now available at JetPens here!

Tell us about yourself, who you are, and what you do.

My name is Rick Rousseau. I lead a design team of eight people. Artist Hardware develops new products for creative people. Everything from brushes, to paper products, even studio furniture. We focus on artists because we have a tremendous amount of experience in art materials and we love that what we create serves others who create.

What does it take to run a design consultancy?

August 9, 2012 - Posted by David to Pen Pics

Ed Bickford has been drawing since he can remember but it wasn't until the 6th grade that he discovered comic books and knew he wanted to draw them for a living. After high school, he served 10 years in the U.S. Air Force before attending the art school at the University of Central Missouri five years later. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Art, emphasis in Illustration. He has been chasing the dream of making art his day job ever since. His experience involves creating designs for novelty socks, artist trading cards and concept art for housing developers. His current work is a weekly web comic posted each Sunday called Snow Bob. See more of Ed's work here.

Give us a little insight as to how you use our JetPens products in your illustrations.

I have just recently discovered JetPens in the last year...