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February 29, 2012 - Posted by Brad Dowdy to Staff Musings

If you were in the right place at the right time on February 17, 2012 you may have seen the JetPens feature on CNBC's Tech Check segment. If not, we now have the video available to share.

We hope you enjoy it!
February 27, 2012 - Posted by Brad Dowdy to Pen Perks

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February 23, 2012 - Posted by Brad Dowdy to Journals / Notebooks

This product has been discontinued. Check out our other memo pads and notebooks here!

JetPens now has our very own ScoutBooks Notebook! Appropriately titled "Pentown", this notebook features a custom designed cover, highlighted by Jet-Do cruising high above a pen-dotted skyline and through the paper clip clouds.

Each eco-friendly notebook is constructed from 100% recycled materials and vegetable-based inks. The inside paper is acid-free, archival, and features a unique grid pattern. Did I mention it is made in the USA? Yes, that too.

This was a very fun project to be a part of and we are all very excited to see what is next!

The Nomadic Wise-Walker Backpack is lightweight, waterproof, and made from the same material as parachutes (nylon). Its interior is bright orange, making it easy to find things within the pockets, and its straps and back are padded for comfort. But the most unique feature is its many pockets -- it has 13 separate compartments.

It can be difficult thinking of situations where you really need all 13 pockets. After all, it's not a big deal to spend a minute or two sifting through the junk to find a functioning pencil. In this respect, the Wise-Walker is almost too functional for normal civilians. It's like a sports car stuck in suburbia, with unused potential just waiting to be tapped.

Which is why it'd be the perfect bug-out bag.

New products are in at JetPens!

The Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder is an all-time classic that we are thrilled to carry. Use it to transport your favorite wooden pencil safely for on the go writing. The brass body will age over time to give it a beautiful vintage look.

Adding your own personal touch to pens and pencils is always fun and the Pilot Dr. Grip Play Border Shaker Mechanical Pencil allows you to take customization to a new level. Not only can you add your own design under the main pencil body, you can remove the grip and rearrange the stacked pieces however you please!

One of the products we are most excited about this week is our own custom JetPens ScoutBook. Entitled "Pentown", Jet-Do flies over a skyline of pen shaped buildings and through paper clip clouds on his great journey. Add some JetPens style to your writing arsenal with this custom notebook.