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Brause 76 Rose Calligraphy Pen Nib - Fine Point - BRAUSE B76
This is, actually, a really great nib once you figure it out. It works best with a coil reservoir (you can google how to make one) to help extend the ink flow and allow for broad, brush-like strokes. This nib does not work well with acrylic inks, or thicker india inks. I use Dr. Martin's Black Star Matte and it works great in this nib. So do fountain pen inks. The Rose Nib is not for hatching or quick, rough drawing, but for slow, careful brushlike strokes. If the ink isn't getting through the tines, a little wiggle will help move it along. Also, remember to pre-clean this nib with rubbing alcohol.

This is not a beginner nib, which is why I have taken a star off for it. Nor is this a great nib for drawing (there are far better draw...

About Brause

Brause is a legendary company founded in 1850 in Iserlohn, Germany. That region was known for its craftsmanship with steel. Initially, Brause focused on making needles but expanded to bicycle wheel spokes and pen nibs in 1895. Brause then put Germany on the map of pen nib production by promoting its marketing slogan "Die beste Feder, lieber Sohn, sind die von Brause Iserlohn" (The best nibs, dear child, are by Brause Iserlohn).

Today, Brause's crafting pens nibs are deemed to be among the best by calligraphers all over the world. With over 150 years of manufacturing experience, Brause's nibs achieve a delicate balance between elasticity for easy writing and resistance for clear strokes.