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Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Green Body - KAWECO 10000075
It is a lovely emerald green. I loaded it with Noodler's Green Marine as an eyedropper, so even the clear body is deep green. I added a nickle clip to match the silver nub and cap jewel. It writes smoothly and reliably. As an eyedropper, it writes a long time. However, when the ink fill gets below one-third, it can get drippy, so watch out.

I also have a Kaweco Sport Classic demonstrator (all clear) as an eyedropper with Platinum Pigmented Sepia. It has been great through three refills.

About Kaweco

Kaweco was first established in 1883 as a dip pen factory in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1971, Kaweco obtained a license to produce a line of Sport pens for the 1972 XX Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany. In 1994, H&M Gutberlet obtained ownership of Kaweco. has worked directly with Kaweco since 2010 to make Kaweco products available to consumers in the US to great success. Our customers find the Kaweco Sport line of fountain pens in particular to be of great value.

In February of 2011, an article in The New York Times newspaper mentioned the Kaweco Classic line of products, praising it for its precision, modesty, clarity, and minimal fuss.