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Kum Automatic Brake Long Point 2 Step Pencil Sharpener + 2 Spare Blades - Red - KUM 105.30.21
This pencil sharpener is really excellent. As far as I can tell from the pictures, it's exactly the same as the Palomino-branded one that costs almost twice as much. Go figure.

I have the red one, which has a really sturdy feeling plastic housing, that almost feels like lexan or polycarbonate — not brittle or thin at all.

The two-stage sharpening system produces quite a nice point, though I do have to go back and forth between the holes a bit. It makes sense to focus on the wood and the graphite separately though, so as to get a nice sharp point without wasting too much pencil.

I have only tested it with the Palomino 602 pencil.

About Kum

Since 1919, Kum has been producing school and office supplies in Germany. Its primary product focus is pencil sharpeners.