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Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Super Mega Pencil Case - Black - KUTSUWA 169DRBK
When I paint and draw when traveling my portable studio fits nicely in this
sturdy case. In mine I carry; two mini watercolor tins, two fountain pens and
several w/c pencils, an electric eraser, extra AA and AAA batteries for camera,
scissors, WC mini pads, lead holder, ink cartridges, nib holder and nibs, shot glass
for dip pen ink, cut paper towels, sea sponge, tiny salt container, and two
water brushes. I like that it has two rings on the top long side so I can add a
cross body strap, freeing my hands for portable seat and larger paper.
I love my little road studio!

About Kutsuwa

Kutsuwa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1910 as a stationery wholesaler in Osaka, Japan. In 1965, Kutsuwa started to design and manufacturer its own branded products.