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Metaphys Rin Index Film Stickers - Black - Pack of 25 X 6 Sheets - METAPHYS 42020-BK
Wonderfully simple idea that works very well. The different colors are a nice touch to have different emphasis for textbook/notebook pages that are important. I use a fine tip sharpie to write notes on them and these hold that type of ink very well. Other types of ink wash off, but this is not surprising, given the material of these stickies.

The only gripe I have is I often pull two stickies off, instead of one. However, I see even this as a boon, since it means that these are very thin, meaning there are lots of them per color stack. When I eventually run out of these, I will definitely reorder them.

About Metaphys

This brand of products is the brain child of Hers Experimental Design Laboratory Inc. in Japan. The lab was founded in 1986. Hers' design philosophy is that "an object belongs to space" and is based on the idea of spatial coordinates. They produce sophisticated products with subtle design innovations.