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Metaphys Locus 3Way 1 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil + Eraser - Black Body - METAPHYS 43010-BK
This pen is solidly constructed and very nice multi-pen. I have a bit of an addiction to multi-pens, and this is one of many that I own. The Metaphys Locus 3Way is among my favorites due to the stock cartridges laying nice lines and the overall amazing design. The pen has a comfortable heft to it. I like the feature of having an eraser handy. (I think the eraser is a feature that is unique to this multi-pen only)


Likely to get stolen

Other Thoughts:
I really like the Metaphys Locus 3Way and will be buying a white one soon.
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About Metaphys

This brand of products is the brain child of Hers Experimental Design Laboratory Inc. in Japan. The lab was founded in 1986. Hers' design philosophy is that "an object belongs to space" and is based on the idea of spatial coordinates. They produce sophisticated products with subtle design innovations.