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Ohto Rouge Gel Highlighter Pen - Orange - OHTO M-150R-KO
I bought 4 of these markers. Yellow, orange, pink and green. They all work great except the pink. The pink is darker than the other colors and is not as easy to spread on the paper. I like the fact that they have a tip which makes the control of using easier. It is the pink one that is not easy to use.

I bought the Sharpie Jell markers in the same colors but did not like them because they had a flat spreading surface. And the pink marker again was very difficult to use because of the flat tip. It also looked waxy on the paper. I was using it in a mini-book. I was very disappointed with it's performance.
Maryjane Erb

About Ohto

Ohto Co., Ltd. is a Japanese pen manufacturer established in 1929. It initially focused on dyes and inks. In 1949, Ohto produced the world's first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen with chrome ball. This was also the first "Made in Japan" ballpoint pen. In 1981, Ohto introduced the world's first ceramic roller ball pen. In 2000, Ohto created its famous single blocked strong needle tip, again, first in the world.

Ohto's ceramic roller ball pen refills are so smooth that many pen lovers use them even in non-Ohto pens. One of our most popular refill lines is the C-305 series which are ceramic roller ball refills in 0.5 mm tip size.

Ohto has many needle-point lines: the Petit-B is a compact portable pen meant to be carried in wallets; the Slim Line is usually stored with
planners/engagement books; the Capstick Cap-Knock line is made to resemble chap sticks.