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Pentel Graph 1000CS Creator's Style Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Red - PENTEL PG1005CS-B
I like this pencil. I draws smooth and easy. The lead lasts longer then regular mechanical pencils.
The pentel graph 1000cs feels comfortable and you feel a good control. The metal on plastic at the lower part of the body keeps your hand from slipping, giving your fingers something to grip.
This is a perfect choice for colored pencils as the lead is not too heavy or dark yet, you are able to sketch out your drawing without fear of the lead coming through after layering.
I have to say I am also impressed with Jet Pens and the selection as well as the delivery time.

About Pentel

The name "Pentel" is derived from the combination of "pen" and "tell" and was originally the name of a product line. In 1971 however, Pentel Co., Ltd. of Japan adopted it as its company name after the product line of sign pens became wildly successful.

Originally founded in 1897, this writing instrument manufacturer is primarily known for its intelligently designed Pentel "Sharp" (i.e. Japanese way of calling a mechanical pencil). Other fan favorites include the metallic body Graphgear line, the variegated Graph series, and the all American beauty Kerry series.

Recently, Pentel entered the gel ink pen and brush pen categories. Both its Slicci gel ink pen and Pocket brush pen have been well received by its customers.