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Pentel Stein Enhanced Silica Pencil Lead - 0.2 mm - B - PENTEL C272-B
Many years ago, I purchased a 0.2 mm all-steel mechanical pencil from Pentel. Yet, at the time, there was not even a prayer that could ensure that someday softer leads than, say, "HB" hardness would ever be available for this fine-line tool. I am well pleased that "B" hardness leads are now routinely available for Pentel's exquisite 0.2 mm mechanical pencils.
Moreover, I have found that the Pentel Ain Stein enhanced silica leads seem to hold up quite well despite their softness, which seems to dispose them to easy breakage and crumbling. I highly recommend these leads for refilling 0.2 mm mechanical pencils.

About Pentel

The name "Pentel" is derived from the combination of "pen" and "tell" and was originally the name of a product line. In 1971 however, Pentel Co., Ltd. of Japan adopted it as its company name after the product line of sign pens became wildly successful.

Originally founded in 1897, this writing instrument manufacturer is primarily known for its intelligently designed Pentel "Sharp" (i.e. Japanese way of calling a mechanical pencil). Other fan favorites include the metallic body Graphgear line, the variegated Graph series, and the all American beauty Kerry series.

Recently, Pentel entered the gel ink pen and brush pen categories. Both its Slicci gel ink pen and Pocket brush pen have been well received by its customers.