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It's an extremely good...
June 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
It's an extremely good concept, but Pentel needed to think this over...

what needs to be fixed-
_the "wing grip" needs to stay in place, like using a screw. the wing mech in this pencil doesn't hold up to much pressure.
_the "wing grip" needs to be a soft grip, and the whole mech needs to be more flexible- like having a spring or something
_the gripped barrel needs to be smaller, the tip/body needs to be weighted... I thought the shaft was metal, but it isn't obviously.
This pencil has so much potential, but it kinda fails. =/

I'd suggest you buy it and play around with it. The pencil removes fatigue, and it actually makes writing "easier." It can fit to any hand actually with the wing grip, but the grip itself doesn't flex or hold well. If it were more flexible, instead of "tying down" your hand/movement, then the pencil would be easier to use. Frankly, because it's hard to hold, hand writing/drawing suffer a lot because you need "extra" coordination to control the pencil.
Despite my pessimistic view of this pencil, it's still something to enjoy (hence the 3/5).
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I don't know what the...
June 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
I don't know what the review below me is saying... but this pencil is worth $15.

Compared to many pencils that I've had, this one actually fits perfectly. It's very easy to hold, writes smoothly, and the "grip" fits to your hand. It's not as "comfy" as an alpha gel slim, but this fits better than many drafting pencils I've tried (in this price range). The tip is placed exactly where I like it, and it's easy to hold firmly due to friction. It also has perfect weight- a little more than an alpha gel slim, but it's great that way. The pencil makes writing and drawing much easier. The design is perfect "for me" since I can just place it in my hand without having to change shape or add much pressure. Overall, especially if you like alpha gels, give this a try. You won't regret it.
great case. PLEASE RESTOCK. I...
May 26, 2010
great case. PLEASE RESTOCK.
I have one myself. (my review is on the orange one though)
btw, this pencil has...
May 21, 2010
btw, this pencil has the BEST balance out of all the alpha gels I've had.
It also has the best firmness for it's size. It's not too squishy but it's not OVERLY squishy either. It's one of the best slim pencils I've tried (it even replaces many drafting pencils).
(just my 2 cents again)

@the one below me
are you sure? cause this does come in a white barrel+orange grip, and the lead is supposed to be .3... (although .5 is better imo)
an eraser that pretty...
May 21, 2010
Verified Purchase
an eraser that pretty much speaks for itself. (esp on the box)...

but, it's smaller than it looks in the pic. You'll have it for a long time though, even if you erase A WHOLE LOT. It also doesn't take much to erase.
it's worth you buck
AWESOME CASE... hahaha This...
May 21, 2010
Verified Purchase
AWESOME CASE... hahaha
This pencil case is probably one of the best I've had and seen.
considering the price... It's pretty pricy, but it will last a long time.
It's not as big as the neocritz, if you have one. It can fit about 6 pens/pencils, an eraser, and a lead container. very durable, keeps its shape, great material/workmanship, scuffs and marks wipe off... just a great case to throw anywhere... literally.
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A pencil worth your money....
April 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
A pencil worth your money. The design, balance, and shape make the pencil comfortable. It also improves your handwriting if it's rather jerky. Read the other reviews cause they say exactly what I would say. I don't like the eraser though, but that's the only problem I have.
awesome pencil. I like...
March 14, 2010
awesome pencil. I like the .3 more than the .5 actually, but the .3 is really scratchy sometimes. The .3 lead is also hard to find since I don't order online often. I also wish they had a better eraser that didn't crumble. However, it's perfect for drawing or writing. (I have this in .5, and another one in .3)
its great- it holds lots...
June 26, 2009
Verified Purchase
its great- it holds lots of pens- it was bigger than I expected, and it was really cool. It has some pouches, but idt it can hold a large eraser at the front. The color is ok, not too bright or dark.... it keeps pens safe. Great for artists and students
It's also fitting for penspinning too!
You cant be serious...it's...
June 14, 2009
You cant be serious...it's sold out... again? I didn't even have a chance...
Please restock...
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