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As big around as a AAA...
September 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
As big around as a AAA battery with a plastic, metallic-looking body and an F-55 Sailor nib, the Sailor Recruit Fountain Pen works well with Sailor Nano Ink cartridges to produce a fine line with good balance and smoothness in the writing.

I would say the line is around 0.4 to 0.5mm and the ink flows well without blotching. This pen might be too slender for those with large hands, but this is good for journaling and everyday use for those with medium or smaller hands. The nib is smooth and the fit and finish are wonderful. The pen can hold one active cartridge.

I love this pen and although I never take fountains on the road, I keep this handy at home for notetaking and letter writing. It's also wonderful when paired with a nice journal that can really show off the Nano Ink. The Exactacompta journals here on JetPens would be a match made in Heaven.

For the price, this pen...
September 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
For the price, this pen writes as smoothly and wonderfully as anything in the ballpoint or gel area. The nib writes about a 0.6mm line (just roughly judging it) and the ink is plenty dark and flows out smoothly without blotching.

Even though this ink is probably not waterproof, the design of it (seems to be a plastic-wrapped fiber core sponge holding the ink) makes me want to crack this open at the back end and get stains all over the place experimenting with loose Sailor Nano Ink.

However, Frankenstein-type experiments aside, this pen is an EXCELLENT choice for people who need a daily use pen, but prefer the smoothness of a fountain nib. It's cheap, good and guilt-free!

First of all, I have...
September 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
First of all, I have to say that I own the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen and that (along with the Carbon Ink) is probably one of the nicest pens I've ever used. This means that the Sailor Recycled Material Desk Fountain Pen had a lot to live up to in order to get a spot in my daily rotation of pens to use. What I found was that this pen, along with the Sailor Nano Ink, has exceeded my expectations and has secured that spot in the rotation.

The pen is slender, but the fatter part at the tip allows for easy holding. The nib is SUPER fine, writing what seems to be a crisp, non-feathering 0.3mm line. This line is SERIOUSLY fine. I am thinking that narrowly-ruled journal paper is going to be where this pen gets major usage. Maybe the fine nib is the right width for normal usage, but this extra fine nib writes VERY smoothly and the line is dark and tight...just really thin!

A WONDERFUL PEN and one I'd recommend to anyone to keep at their desk for writing letters, taking notes or journaling. This might also be good for fine detail drawing.

As a note, I have a pen cup with a paper towel in the bottom and not a desk holder. This doesn't seem to affect the pen, at all.

FIVE STARS and I will be giving this as gifts to people whom I know are serious about pens.
I brought home a box...
September 1, 2009
I brought home a box of these in 0.38mm and 20 refills from Japan.

They are the greatest pen the world has ever known. A PERFECT gel line, dark, solvent proof and permanent. Smooth, easy to handle and the tip is MUCH sturdier than the finicky Hi-Tec C line.

0.38mm is perfect for me and I will always carry one wherever I go.
This pen is a good, general...
September 1, 2009
This pen is a good, general purpose pen, but the ink flow is very heavy and will take quite some time to dry. Also expect blobbing when you write quickly.

The ink, unlike Pilot's famous G2 line, is real carbon pigment gel ink, not the cheap, dye-based G2 ink, so it truly is archival and solvent proof.

To be honest, though, Uniball Signos are a better pen.
These needle point gel...
September 1, 2009
These needle point gel refills will write as smoothly as an Energel and dry as quickly, but they are also DYE-based, just like the Energel inks. This means they are NOT solvent-proofed carbon-based inks!

Use for everyday stuff, but this is not a permanent ink.

Note that Ohto's Japanese website is the basis for this information.
A desk pen is not mobile...
August 18, 2009
A desk pen is not mobile and must be kept upright at all times. Getting a nice cup to hold the pen up in or the desk holder (available from Jetpens, too) is a MUST. The cartridges seem a little pricey compared to normal fountain ink, but there is where all comparisons end.

These pens write a fine line with excellent control. The tip writes fluidly and can keep up with even fast writing. The ink is a nice, dark black (although not as dark as some gel inks); it IS waterproof and the carbon will resist chemical attack, as well. Please keep in mind that this IS a "waterdripping" pen that relies on ink flow, gravity and a watery ink to work. This means that if you use uncoated paper or thin, cheap paper, you WILL get some feathering and bleedthrough. So be sure to pair this excellent pen with excellent paper to get the most out of it.

This pen is pure joy to write with! I use mine daily and often. I write letters, pen notes, make sketches and whatever else I can do just to feel the smooth nib gliding across the paper.

I've used the Sailor desk pen, as well, and I can say that, in my opinion, both pens have high quality. I prefer the Platinum ever so slightly (because of the ink), but not by much.

As a quick warning: The carbon ink is NOT made for ordinary fountain pens. This desk pen has a specially widened channel in the feed to accomodate the ink. Putting the carbon ink in a normal pen risks clogging. PLEASE use the right ink with the right pen with the right paper and you will NEVER be disappointed.
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