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Reviews Written by inkydaffin

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Kuretake Handmade Envelope Template - Japanese Version - KURETAKE SBTP12-20
  I purchased this template..., May 15, 2013
I purchased this template and the western template as well. I also got the mini envelope Japanese version. I love all three! I believe that I love this template best! Such a neat precise template and it uses the paper very efficiently. Because it is so precise you can usually get more than one envelope out of a piece of paper. Because of the shape of this envelope, it is a little different from the western template, It is much easier to assemble. Also I find that it fits the shape of many different things. I have been using it to make envelopes for a friends wedding. She wanted envelopes to put in her invitations that had a hand made feel to them. This was perfect to accomplish that. She also used the Mini envelope maker to make gift envelopes for her wedding party. This template would make fantastic donation envelopes! This template works great with all types of paper. I use Newsprint, Butcher paper, Cardstock, and even Christmas wrapping paper to make envelopes. I just love using this template. This template will pay for itself in very little time. Because you can make 4 different sizes you have access to envelopes at any time. No running out to find envelopes when you run out. Just make yourself one. the sizes are clearly indicated.
Nichiban Adhesive Dot DS Professional Tape - 8.4 mm X 13 m - NICHIBAN TN-DS8
  When ever you need a..., May 15, 2013
When ever you need a double sided tape this is perfect! it is not so tacky that you cannot move it once you place two pieces of paper together. I have used up at least 2 refills so far and I love how it works. It so easy to place tape right where you want it. I use it in conjunction with the Envelope templates that you can get here at JetPens. They have really fantastic stuff here. I am quite happy with the products that they carry. The only downside to this product is that it does not have more tape included in it. 13m goes ever so quickly once you find out what you can use it for. :D

This Dispenser has a spring loaded release point. it makes putting the tape on paper so very easy. It is unlike any product I have purchased before. Definitely worth every penny.
Kuretake Handmade Envelope Template - Western Version - KURETAKE SBTP12-19
  This Template is so much..., May 15, 2013
This Template is so much fun to use. I use it in conjunction with the Nichiban Adhesive Dot DS Professional Tape - 8.4 mm X 13 m tape dispenser. These two items together make envelopes so easy you will never buy another. I use Origami paper, Wrapping paper, Christmas papers, and even scrapbooking papers. Heavy Cardstock is good to use as well! I love that it has 4 sizes in the template as well. Recently I made cards and needed Envelopes to send them in. I used standard 8.5X11 and folded in half the biggest template did not fit. So what I did was take the size of the folded card, traced the size onto a cardboard and then took the template and improvised by placing the template at each corresponding corner then traced part way out to the point then met the two lines in the middle with the point of the template making an custom envelop from this ever so useful tool!
P.S. you will love the ohto pen cutter to cut the lines after you trace them. its so efficient you never have to lift the paper to cut the the envelope out. /pd/8352
Uni-ball Vision Elite Roller Ball Pen - 0.8 mm - Black - SANFORD 61102
  The Vision Elite .8mm..., May 15, 2013
The Vision Elite .8mm pen is such a joy to write with. It is the Smoothest pen I have ever held. I find myself offering to let others write with this pen just because its such a wonderful writing instrument.
the ink flows so smoothly, precisely, the line is amazing! you would think a laser printer laid it down.
This pen comes in some fantastic colors! I love the black, and the black-XXXX colors. Violet, Purple, Green, Red, and Blue black.
The combination colors give just a hint of color under the black. It looks amazing on the page.
I have to continually order more because friends keep stealing mine. I even give these pens away as gifts. They truly are a gift worth giving!

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Silver Body - UNI M51017 1P.26
  I was skeptical about..., May 15, 2013
I was skeptical about this pencil until the first time I held it. This Mechanical pencil is truly a joy to hold and use. I enjoy using a softer lead B-2B. B leads are soft enough that they break often. Not in this pencil. The floating mechanism that rotates the lead is amazing! It keeps the lead sharp and centered, as well as holding the lead such that it is more difficult to break. I have not used any of the darker B leads. 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. Use the Uni Diamond infused leads they are pretty cool too. I use the HI-Uni high density 2B lead and I love it!
You must know how this pencil feels to hold. I promise once you handle it you will not want to hold another. The grip is very precise. They cut a pattern into the body that is such a pleasure to hold. Your fingers do not slip not even if wet or after using hand lotion. I would like a larger eraser but I really cannot fault this one even.
This particular Pencil is all Aluminum. It is heavier than most. it feels luxurious in your grip.
I just cannot say too much that is good about this pencil. You cannot possibly go wrong with this purchase.
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