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Sailor Recycled Material Desk Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - SAILOR 11-0073-120
  Quick startup after I..., March 25, 2012
Quick startup after I put the cartridge in (compared to the Platinum Carbon Pen, which I left sitting for about an hour and eventually took a bulb to to flush the ink through), and a fine, precise line.

As a bonus, the nib and feed are interchangeable with the Sailor Highace Neo (and presumably the Sailor Clear Candy pens as well)- just gently pull on the nib of each pen and the section will pop out, then switch and pop back in. (Make sure pens are empty first!) The Sailor Fude de Mannen pens have a larger nib that does not swap out. This same trick works with the Pilot FP-78G, Plumix, and Prera pens.
Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Fountain Pen - Bamboo Green - Nib Angle 55 Degrees - SAILOR 11-0127-767
  Interesting is a good..., March 6, 2012
Interesting is a good word for this pen. The nib has a lot of potential, and it's great to see such an interesting nib at a relatively friendly price point. I feel like it will take work to explore the different ways of putting nib to paper and bring it out, though, but it brings out character and shading in Sailor's inks (I've tried the blue black to good results). One warning: do not attempt to post the cap on the back end. I did so, and it fit, but the black cap on the back popped off and got wedged inside it- it's not easy to get out.
Sailor HighAce Neo Beginner's Fountain Pen - Steel Nib - Fine - Black Body - SAILOR 11-0116-220
  Excellent pen, especially..., January 2, 2012
Excellent pen, especially for the price. It's not flashy, but the nib is great- a very smooth, consistent fine line. The plastic is a bit lightweight, but the pen's well-balanced and comfortable to hold and the light weight makes it possible to write for a long time without fatigue.

Works with Sailor cartridges (I like the Clear Candy Reddish Brown, a beautiful coppery color) or converter (I have used both Private Reserve and Rohrer and Klingner inks from a bottle with absolutely no problems).

Compared to the Ohto F-Spirit that I purchased at the same time for the same price, the Sailor is definitely the superior pen. The F-Spirit's metal body has a nice design and a good weight to it, but I have experienced a lot of skipping and hard starts when writing (having tried several different Kaweco inks from cartridge and the same bottled inks that have worked well in te Neo) compared to none of those problems with the Sailor HighAce Neo.

I have already ordered a second HighAce Neo in blue and am looking forward to it.
Zebra V-301 Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Black Body - ZEBRA 48111
  I found this pen on clearance..., January 1, 2012
I found this pen on clearance at a local office supply store and picked it up, having very low expectations from the reviews I'd read. I've been pleasantly surprised- despite some initial trouble getting it to write, I've found it to be a fairly reliable writer, with a solid medium line and a fine line if you write with the nib reversed (black side up). I like the stainless steel, it looks and feels nice, and the plastic grip section is also nice- however, while the cap posts with a snap and seems secure, it sometimes will rotate around the pen while writing and this can be annoying.

I believe that many of the problems stem from the ink in these pens, which is pretty awful in my opinion (it feathers and bleeds through, and isn't even very black). The good news is that Platinum cartridges fit- I am using Platinum Blue/Black in mine, and I notice far fewer hard starts (only after the pen has sat unused for a while) and no skipping. The medium line is wide enough to show a little shading with this ink.

This pen has a place alongside my Platinum Preppies as a good, cheap fountain pen I can leave in my desk at work without fear.
1 to 4 (of 4 )