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I really wanted to like...
January 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
I really wanted to like this pen.
After reading so many raves about it, I knew I had to try one. I even waited a couple of months to write my review, waiting patiently for the honeymoon to begin. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be. While the Sailor Profit is a sexy pen for sure, it just doesn't agree with me. I found the brush nib too wide for detailed work, and a bit unruly. Maybe I'm too used to smaller, thinner brush pens, but the body felt stubby. There are a couple of pros, such as the lush, rich black ink and the nice wet line it produces. I use it mostly for spotting blacks on my comic pages, or for broad line work. For finer lines and better control, I'll stick to my Kaimei Natural Hair brush pen, or even the Kuretake 8 and 13.
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After trying out a multitude...
January 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
After trying out a multitude of pencil cases throughout the years, I doubt I'll need to look for any other. Don't let the small size fool you. ALL of my favorite drawing tools fit comfortably, with room for extra nibs, erasers, leads, ink cartridges, stylus tips, etc. It fits nicely in my everyday bag, which itself is no bigger than your average smart tablet. It even holds some of my taller brush pens (Kureteke 8, Kaimei Natural) and small drawing pads. Every time I open this case in public, onlookers are amazed at how much I can fit in there. Then they ask where they can get one.
Love this case!! This...
October 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
Love this case!!
This was one of my first purchases from JetPens. I'd been looking for a portable case in which I could fit all of my drawing weapons. My previous pencil pouches always lacked something, whether it be enough pockets or simply room for my taller brush pens and such. When this one came in (just 3 days after ordering), I found I could fit not only my taller pens, but all of my brush pens, both mechanical and wood pencils with extra lead refills, a multitude of cartridge refills for said brush pens, erasers, stylus pens with extra tips, small sketch pads, even my portable 1tb drive and cable! Best of all, it fits comfortably in every bag I own. I can finally use my regular drawing tools anywhere I go.
Simply awesome!
Lovely for Cartooning! As...
August 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
Lovely for Cartooning!

As a self professed drawing tool junkie, I'm always looking out for the latest in brush pens. I just received the red Kuretaki No. 13 in the mail. Firstly, allow me to give JetPens a rave. I ordered the pen and two packs of Platinum Carbon Ink on a Monday and had it in hand that Thursday. Thanks for the quick service! Now onward to thine review..

The pen arrived nicely packaged, looking very handsome in its window box. It includes a box of Kuretake's own ink cartridges, which I haven't actually tried out yet, as I opted to install one of the Platinum cartridges instead. I've read where the Platinum ink dries darker than the ink supplied with the pen. The cartridge snapped in place easily, and I put the pen down for a few to let the ink load the brush tip. After about five minutes, I took off the cap to find the white nylon brushes now nice and glossy black. Before putting it to paper, I placed my former fave brush pen, a Pentel GFKP, next to the Kuretake to compare astheatics. The Pentel, while mad cute in its own rounded way, looked quite unsophisticated next to the red metal bling of the Kuretake. Just wanted to emphasize that it's a very sexy pen.

I drew some quick sketches with the Pentel first. Great feel as always. Then I tried out the Kuretake. Similar in feel to the Pentel, but I was able to get sharper, more defined strokes due to the shorter tip. I felt instantly comfortable feathering quick thin to thick to thin strokes. That's when I noticed the biggest advantage the Kuretake has over the Pentel. When I make quick strokes with the Pentel, I get that damned dry brush look. With the Kuretake, I have to flick it pretty fast until I get dry brush. For me, these two factors make the Kuretake worth the heftier price tag. So far, it actually is the best nylon brush pen I've come across, with the Pentel a very close second. I can see using the Pentel to fill larger areas of black and for broader line work, where the Kuretake would be used for the smaller details.

In my experience, nothing beats a true sable brush, so a fancy-shmancy Kaimei or Kuretake true sable hair brush pen will be my next win. In the meantime, the Kuretake No. 13 is doing me fine for everyday and on the go use. I will gladly be ordering a black backup very soon.

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