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I actually bought this...
May 1, 2015
I actually bought this in Black fine and medium points to write on Washi tapes. Yes, it is bit scratchy and skippy to write on plastic surface etc...but works great on Washi tapes. Color is very opaque which is great for writing on colorful Washi tapes. I am considering to purchase another color.
Ehhhhh..... Not a pretty...
September 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
Ehhhhh..... Not a pretty color. Ink is very smooth and flows great, but on the wet side. As of all other J Herbin inks, shading is beautiful.... But the color is nothing like in the writing sample. It's more like... Brownish dirty khaki green. It reminds me of... Have you change any baby diapers? I won't say more....
Great starter Fountain...
August 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
Great starter Fountain pen!
Very inexpensive but sleek nice looking fountain pen perfect for newbies and even for experienced fountain pen users! Some fountain pens looks bit "Old people" but LAMY Safari comes in fun colors and much more modern shape. The variety of nib sizes are great as well. I prefer extra fine nibs because I often write in Japanese. This was my first fountain pen purchase and I ended up buying three more! For the price, nibs are very smooth and reliable. I also enjoy it's Italic nibs too! I bought a pack of Monteverde blue black cartridges and they are great for my journaling with Moleskine notebooks! Highly recommended.
Yamadori is a nice deep...
August 20, 2014
Yamadori is a nice deep green leaning towards blue. While it is a beautiful fun color, still subtle enough to use for professional or formal occasion. It is such an elegant color with some shading. Of course a beautiful color is really important, but sometimes they are not the best behaving..... Yamadori? It's pretty amazing. Flows so nicely and lubricate nibs just right. Ink dries pretty quickly and make it suitable for a quick note taking as well. I have not experienced any feathering in numbers of papers I tried so far. Many people like Moleskine notebooks but they are notorious for fountain pen ink bleed through, however with Yamadori, bleed through is very minimum as long as you use fine nibs.
( I use it in Lamy Al-star extra fine) I highly recommend this ink for anyone, even for those who are not usually big on color inks other than typical blue fountain inks!
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This ink has mixed reviews...
August 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
This ink has mixed reviews in various blogs etc... But I actually love it. With my Lamy Safari with extra fine nib, this ink flows well and smooth. The color is almost like gray blue, very beautiful color. What I love the most is the beautiful shading, the very reason I love fountain pens! I also need to mention that this is one of the few inks that do not bleed through on Moleskine notebooks which is a huge deal.
I think this ink is reasonable and perform great with Lamy safari. I am so glad that I picked up this ink though initially I selected it because it was inexpensive.
I recommend this to everyone who loves beautiful shading of Fountain pens!
Good fine point fountain...
July 31, 2014
Verified Purchase
Good fine point fountain pen for my moleskine.
I bought this along with Platinum Preppy Fine point in Blue black. This nib is much finer than the one on Preppy fine nib.
Simple cute pen casing which is tiny bit juvenile looking, but good starter fountain pen. It came with a black cartridge but I think I will buy blue black to replace it. ( Cartrige comes with this pen but not installed, so you don't have to use the black if you don't want to). Nib is so fine so can be little scratchy, but still pretty smooth on my moleskine. Ink does not seek through on the back of the moleskine page either.
Good beginer fountain pen!
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Great Reasonable Fountain...
July 31, 2014
Verified Purchase
Great Reasonable Fountain pen for my moleskine notes!
I love notebooks and pens, I may even say I am obsessed with them and have tons of different kinds of notebooks and pens, but just never got into Fountain pens because they are tend to be expensive and can be messy. Fountain pens also have bad rep when it comes to using with Moleskine notebooks which I love. I bought this pen just to try out for my moleskine notebooks and to my surprise! it writes so smooth, no skipping and best of all, ink does not go through to the back of pages which is a common issue with thin moleskine paper.
Blue black has a nice deep blue color and it dries quick with no feathering on Moleskine.
I may go back for other colors too!
Great smooth pen. This...
July 13, 2013
Great smooth pen.

This pen writes so smooth like gel, but ball point pen so no smudge. I love that. The design is very comfortable in my hand and variety of colors make them so much fun. I recently got them for my colleagues at work in all the different colros and designs of this series and they all LOVE their pens.
The ink is very high quality and never fade or skip during the use. Highly recommend it.
I love these pens!!! I...
July 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love these pens!!!

I liked the idea of eracable ink and got one just for fun, but I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth it writes and now this is one of my favorite pen. I find myself using this pen more than any other pen. Ink can be eraced pretty clean so perfect for my monthly agenda book. I immediately got other colors as well. My colleagues at work are now very curious about it too!
Great ink, so smooth...
September 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great ink, so smooth and consistent. I love the feel of this pen as well as look, but wish the refil was available in 0.5!!
I bough many of this series pens so waiting for Pilot to make a finer refil for it!
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