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Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.5 mm - Blue - UNI UMR10905.33
  Excellent refill. Uni-ball..., September 22, 2011
Excellent refill. Uni-ball Signo ink is put into the ballpoint. Note that, Signo ink contains check fraud protection, as per Uni-ball's website. I submerged a sheet of paper with a written sample in alcohol, bleach, and boiling hot water: the tests passed and the ink remained. We need D1 refills now. Smooth writers indeed.
Uni Style Fit Ballpoint Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.7 mm - Blue - UNI SXR8907.33
  Excellent refill. Uni-ball..., September 22, 2011
Excellent refill. Uni-ball Jetstream ink is put into the ballpoint. Note that, Jetstream ink contains check fraud protection without ISO 12757-2 certification, as per Uni-ball's website. I submerged a sheet of paper with a written sample in alcohol, bleach, and boiling hot water: the tests passed and the ink remained. We need D1 refills now.
Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.5 mm - Black - UNI UMR10905.24
  My favorite gel ink...., January 21, 2011
My favorite gel ink. Already tried the Hi-Tec-C, Sarasa, and Sharbo X gel inks. The Uni-ball Style Fit refills own all of them. Excellent and smooth enough for left-handed writers with vibrant colors. The inks passed my water-resistant test of running hot water over written paper. Now Uni-ball needs to create D1 refills with this ink so we can use them in the Sharbo X multi-pens. Hurry.
Rotring Fountain Pen Converter - ROTRING 251300
  This is the converter..., January 20, 2011
This is the converter to get if you own those rare coveted Rotring 600 and 900 series fountain pens. Seals tight with section and no leaking. The red ring you see on the converter by the way, is part of the rubber stopper at the end of the piston; it is not a red ring printed on the plastic body, as Rotring typically has characterized on its pens.
Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm Medium Point - Red Body - LAMY L288RD
  Excellent, cleverly designed..., December 26, 2010
Excellent, cleverly designed pen. Great to carry in a jacket pocket.
Zebra JSB-0.5 Gel Ink Pen Refill - D1 - 0.5 mm - Royal Blue - ZEBRA RJSB5-RBL
  Nice color and good quality...., December 26, 2010
Nice color and good quality. However, it's not very left-hand friendly. It writes smoother 'away from the paper' to accommodate a right-handed person. Dries faster and more water resistant than the Hi-Tec-C ink.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slims Gel Ink Multi Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LHRF-20C4-B
  A nice quality refill...., December 26, 2010
A nice quality refill. Tried it to get the Hi-Tec-C experience in a Sharbo X multipen. Unfortunately, it's too loose and won't fit snug. The refill will fall out of the pen if your try to use it. A remedy was to put a small piece (2mm long) )of scotch tape on the top of the refill, and it will fit with friction. The ink is not as good as the Sharbo X refills (not as water-resistant), but will be smoother to left-handed writers.
Zebra Sharbo X CB8 High Quality Pen Body Component - Carbon Titanium Gray - ZEBRA SB23-CTGR
  Excellent multi-pen...., December 26, 2010
Excellent multi-pen. My favorite and quite possibly the most beautiful and durable of the Zebra Sharbo X line. The inner turning mechanism and inner parts of the cap are metal not plastic, unlike some Sharbo X models (like AL5 or TS10).

Some remarks:
The clip has a spring in it, but you must 'raise' the clip from the bottom, not by the top like a conventional spring-loaded clip (the 'premium' TS10 line can however).

The thin, shiny black upper trim of the barrel (right above the carbon fiber part and below the "Sharbo X" white printing) can peel if there is a collision with a hard surface, so exercise some care if you want to avoid this.

The carbon fiber wraps around the barrel made of aluminum; it's not the main constituent. If you look inside the barrel, there is shiny aluminum, not carbon fiber, so you cannot take advantage of carbon fiber's lightweight properties.

This pen will accommodate other D1-sized refills, not just the Sharbo X refills. I've loaded this pen with Space Pen SU series refills. Lamy M21 refills will work too.
Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Silver Body - SANFORD 1852321
  Beautiful, durable, robust..., December 26, 2010
Beautiful, durable, robust drafting pencil. Thank you JetPens for an uplifting addition to your catalog. Now look for the matching knurled ballpoint pen version!
Zebra Sharbo X Premium TS10 Pen Body Component - Graphite Black Body - ZEBRA SB21-B-GBK
  Looking at it, quite..., December 18, 2010
Looking at it, quite a beautiful pen. This graphite version is the one I own. However, given the price point, it important future buyers be aware of certain aspects of this pen. The shiny clip, barrel tip, and cap are prone to scratching. I did my best to store and take good care of it, but to no avail: a long linear scratch formed on the clip, and little scratches on the barrel.

Do not drop this pen on hard surfaces, as it can slightly form a dent at the site of impact. The graphite paint can chip as well. It is recommended that this pen be stored in its own pocket or sheath. Avoid tossing it into the pencil cup with your other writing implements.

Also, compared to its sturdier/cheaper CB8 and LT3 variants, there is a deficiency with the mechanical pencil component. If you are using it, always retract the lead before turning the pen to an ink component. If you don't, the turning mechanism will get stuck, forcing you to unscrew the barrel and manually retract the lead in the pencil component. This is because there is limited room in the barrel tip due to its shape with *four* components (3-ink + pencil) crammed in there. I also own CB8, AL5, and LT3 versions of this multi-pen, and lead retraction is not necessary in these versions.

For the price, I expected a more sturdy, robust, and durable pen, not one where even meticulous care won't guarantee it will remain in good condition.
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