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Writes smoothly with...
October 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
Writes smoothly with a bold and great "purple" color.
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I have no problem paying...
September 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
I have no problem paying for a pack when it's as awesome as this one. I'm not you're typical train or any other form of public transportation commuter. I work for a very large healthcare system. The hospital campuses seem only to be getting larger and walking from a huge parking deck across sky bridges between medical buildings, I was tired of carrying every bag imaginable. Yes, even grocery store plastic and handled paper bags. I needed something that would carry my daily girly items, ereader, books, pens, planner, smartphone, snacks, and so on. Pockets upon pockets I kept feeding with my stuff. When looking for a backpack all I kept running into were ones to accomodate laptops. Big and unnecessary. Believe it or not I do not need my laptop during the day, but to carry an iPad...perfect. So I keep stuffing it and the pack keeps taking it all in. To give you an idea, if you're a woman looking for a nice backpack that's not crazy big, I'm 5'5" and weigh about 120lbs. Fits my frame nicely.
I purchased the gray and it is not a light gray as the pictures show...it is more a medium shade of gray. The interior orange makes it easy for your items to stand out and locate. Because of the numerous pockets I suggest you find a home for your items and stick to that organization. You need your own map to locate your stuff if you keep changing your items' homes/pocket.
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