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Reviews Written by itschillyoutside

January 7, 2013
I am very pleased with...
Verified Purchase
I am very pleased with this eraser, it's quite practical. If you're the type of person that writes with fair to medium pressure, Matomaru-kun erases with extreme ease, you just have to lightly go over the area and the pencil marks completely dissapear! If, however, you write with a lot of pressure to the point where you make slight indentations in the paper, Matomaru-kun will erase ~98% of the pencil markings (erasing takes more force), it leaves a slight trace of the markings where the indentations in the paper occur. This trace is not very noticable, however, the heavy erasure causes the paper surrounding the eraser to dig into to eraser, so if you tend to erase very heavily, this action might cause the paper to make a significant cut into the side of the eraser.

As for the clumping action of the eraser debris, I have found that it is very minimal with my HB pencil lead, but it works like a dream with my photo-blue 2B pencil lead. All of the debris clumps together with the softer lead.

As for the size of the eraser, it is quite short (~3 inches), but it lasts a while. The eraser is about 1cm wide, if you're looking to erase fine details, this probably isn't right for you. The white plastic part on the back of the eraser came off on mine (because I was messing with it :P), but it stayed in place once I put it back. The clear cap for the eraser sticks right onto the back white piece, so it is quite useful.

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July 5, 2012
I absolutely love this...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this pen! It produces a fairly thin and very dark line and it writes smoothly. As the other reviews state, it is comparable to the V5 pen and like the V5, it feathers slightly before drying but unless you are using extremely porous paper it isn't very noticeable. As with most liquid ink pens, it does take a bit to dry and the slower you write, the thicker the line and the more it feathers. It is priced extremely well for the quality, so well I have bought another batch! I wish they sold these in packs of 12 or 24! I would recommend to anyone that likes a thin line and barely any pressure to write with.

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June 28, 2012
I received this pencil...
Verified Purchase
I received this pencil case a couple days ago and so far I love it! It is slightly smaller than I expected it to be, which may not be good for some, but is a good thing for me since I tend to carry unnecessary things when a case is larger than I need. So far (in the main pocket) I have put 3 pens, the KUM brand Pencut scissors, a mechanical pencil with an added pencil grip (to help with carpal tunnel), 2 packs of pen refills, and an eraser with a some extra room to spare. The material reminds me of what windbreaker jackets are made out of, sturdy but not as waterproof (or dorky). It seems reasonably durable and with further use I will have to see if it is easy to clean off or not. I am very happy with my purchase and am even considering stocking up since I am sure I will use this beyond repair. I would recommend this to anyone that just needs to carry around ~5-9 pens with 1-3 small accessories.

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June 28, 2012
I just received this...
Verified Purchase
I just received this pencil case the other day and I couldn't stop myself from feeling how soft this case is! It does have an unpleasant silicone smell that transfers to your hands after holding it, even for a brief time period, but I am sure that smell will dissipate with time. The color is absolutely gorgeous! It is a deeper blue and a darker red than the image, probably the same color as the medium shadow on the image, but the combination of colors is perfect. It's a very good size, maybe a little under an inch longer than my longest pen/pencil so they don't slide around too much. I haven't stuffed it with pens yet but I'm sure it would hold at least 15-20 of them comfortably.

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