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A remarkably small and...
February 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
A remarkably small and functional pen. I couldn't believe how useful it is, even though it's so small and light. Excellent smooth writing, too. Great for taking on a long trip.
Excellent pen. I just...
October 14, 2012
Excellent pen. I just bought mine at the Mitsuwa marketplace here in San Diego (a little bit cheaper in person at the local store, but still a good pen at any price). I love the clean, dark line this pen creates, and the smoothness is unparalleled by any of its contemporaries for a pen of this price.

All in all, I would strongly recommend this as your first choice if you are looking for something nice to use as an everyday writer. Excellent pen!!
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Excellent pen for using...
December 27, 2011
Excellent pen for using with a Moleskine notebook (even better than Moleskine's own, IMHO). I bought this pen thinking it would be a good thing to try with my notebook, and I was right. Excellent fine line with a good grip for long note-taking sessions. Sturdy clip holds it onto the spine of the notebook without harming it at all.

The release mechanism involves a small button inside near the clip, which closes the pen once depressed - you don't have to remember to close it, as it automatically does so on its own.

All in all, an excellent slender pen for taking along on trips when you'll be documenting things in a small notebook or Moleskine. :)
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A fine pen case. I love...
March 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
A fine pen case. I love how it stands upright and holds so many pens and pencils. It makes my traveling office work so much better! :-)
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I am a frequent purchaser...
February 5, 2010
I am a frequent purchaser of Jet Pens merchandise, but I just happened upon my own Zebra Sharbo at Narita airport near Tokyo, Japan. I bought it on a whim when I was attempting to empty my pockets of the remaining Yen bills and coins I had with me after a short trip to Tokyo. I wandered through the shops at the airport, and I found the black Sharbo. I must say that this pen is a true favorite. I've kept my Sharbo with me at work, using it at every opportunity. What a fine, slim and useful pen! :-)

I will return to Japan this Spring, and I plan on buying more pens like this. Very nice...
Outstanding pen. Just...
February 4, 2010
Verified Purchase
Outstanding pen. Just got mine today, and I absolutely love it. I already had the black Petit 1, so I wanted to get another that I could use for grading student's papers. This is a perfect pen for that purpose. Smaller, sleek and easy to carry around on the job. I love it. What a great, compact writing instrument. It's a joy to own and use. Be sure to get the ink refills in the little pod. You will not be disappointed.
I like this pen, well...
January 30, 2010
I like this pen, well enough to purchase one for my office. It looks nice and writes well. However, I have a problem with it feeling a little too "loose." The barrel feels unnecessarily big and a little cheap, with the ink cartridge sort of floating around in the pen without giving a good, solid feel. The squishy grip is okay, but I don't hold a pen with a death grip, so I probably don't appreciate it as much as those who do.

The clip looks like someone added it as a last-minute effect. Just sayin'...
Wow, what a nice pen......
January 29, 2010
Wow, what a nice pen... I got this one to carry around in my professor's leather book bag (I teach undergrad courses), and because I prefer that old-fashioned "scratchy" feel of a fountain pen on paper versus the skip and rub of a ball point (who can write with a ball point other than for endorsing a check at a bank?). I like gel pens, too, but I sometimes miss the fountain pen feel, so this is perfect to remedy that. :-)

Love the colored nib. Very nice feature. Makes the pen look more like a conversation piece. It writes with such a graceful line, it's almost impossible to think that it's a $3 pen! Got two extras on the way: one red pen for marking up papers, and another black for my wife (so she doesn't take mine away). If you haven't already done so, get one now. You can thank me later. ;-)
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Not bad for a calligraphy...
January 29, 2010
Not bad for a calligraphy pen. I like the unique clear body with its interesting shape. We have the one in the pen holder on the fridge, and we use it to leave notes on yellow post-its for other members of the household. Nice to do the calligraphic scrolling S, T and L when leaving a quick note. ;-) Our post-its look like they were written in the Middle Ages. ;-)

This seems more like a pen one would use for school when learning basic penmanship. I can't imagine using it at work, as it has just the one refill. Haven't purchased any replacements, though, but I probably will once it goes empty. :-) The cap is quite interesting as well, seeing how it screws on and off. It sits perfectly on the non-writing end when stored while writing. Nice "unnoticeable-at-first" touch for such a simple and elegant pen.

Five stars for originality in design and the great ink flow--even after weeks of sitting in the pen holder on the fridge. :-)
What's not to love about...
January 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
What's not to love about this pen? Just got mine this evening in the mail, exactly two days after placing the order. This is a truly exceptional and quite remarkable pen. It has a very precise, sharp fountain pen tip with incredible accuracy. The ink flows like velvet. If it sounds like I'm gushing, that's because I love a good pen, and this is it. I'm amazed at how slender and precise this pen truly is. Good thing I bought the A.S. Manhattener replacement cartridges, as I suspect I'll be using this pen quite a bit. Tucks perfectly into the spine of my flat leather planner, plus it doesn't show any signs of skipping or drying out at all. Love it. Thank you, Jet Pens, for providing such a wonderful writing experience. This one will take its place next to my favorites, including my special Montblanc pens. :-)
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