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Reviews Written by pauloverseas

April 10, 2010
After using a lot of...
Verified Purchase
After using a lot of the well-known medium blues from Sailor, Private Reserve, Parker and others, I was really looking for a blue that was different -- without being eccentric or weird. This is it. Beautiful color, not as light as the package depicts. Look at the scans here on Jet Pen of the Iroshizuku colors -- they match almost exactly with what I get from a Pilot Vanishing Point (m) fountain pen. This ink does run a bit wet, compared to my other blues, and on Moleskine notebooks using the medium nib, it does make two-sided writing difficult. Will switch to a fine nib, rather than switch inks. My new favorite blue!

March 21, 2010
Very nice case, it stands...
Verified Purchase
Very nice case, it stands up well on my desk and I can easily see the 5 or 6 pens and pencils inside. Two things that I don't like: (1) the inner mesh pocket could have been the entire depth, but they made it only half -- not deep enough to store Pilot ink cartridges or lead pencil refills; (2) the zipper sometimes gets stuck at the top and I can't zip it closed without fiddling with it a lot (after only 2 months of use).

March 19, 2010
Superb ink, wonderful...
Verified Purchase
Superb ink, wonderful rich dark brown color. Use it primarily to take notes in a Lamy 2000 with EF nib, which is close to a Pilot F nib. On some paper in looks darker than others, like any ink will exhibit shade qualities. But overall, the nicest ink I have purchased this year. I will be looking at other Iroshizuku colors when my budget allows...

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March 19, 2010
Scratchy and dry! I suppose...
Verified Purchase
Scratchy and dry! I suppose I got a bad one, based on the other good reviews here. I have both nice (Namiki vanishing point) and cheap (Sailor ink-bar) fountain pens, which are wonderful, but this Pilot Penmanship is the worst pen I have ever used. If I took a straight pin and dipped it in ink, it would still produce a more useful line than this pen.

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