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I'd give 10/10 to this...
August 13, 2011
I'd give 10/10 to this pencil, but I'll give 9/10 for not having an integrated lead pointer.. and it won't fit in the staedtler rotatory lead pointer, which is a real shame.. =(

If it wasn't for that, this pencil would definitely be perfect in every aspects.
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I've been using this...
August 4, 2011
I've been using this pencil for few days and it's excellent, I think most artists will love it. It has a nice weight, length, grip, everything you need for drawing, as well as good for writing.

Although if it weren't for these rubbers on the metal grip, it would be perfect. It feels fine but.. I'm not a very fan of rubber grips, as I know these will deteriorate over time and shorten the lifespan of the pencil.
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It has been already 3...
June 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
It has been already 3 days since I'm using this pencil, so far I like it.

I think this pencil may be a little uncomfortable to artists who like to grip the pencil too far from the tip, because of the large metal grip compared to the slim cable. In my case, I like to hold this pencil almost at the end of the metal grip, which still feels fine for me at least.

The length is about 145 mm (with extended guide pipe), has a good weight, but I wish I saved more 6 bucks and buy the Super Promecha 1500P, which is larger and heavier (to my personal taste).

But for this price, Promecha 1000P is a good drafting pencil.
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