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This is my new favorite...
March 25, 2014
This is my new favorite pen.

It writes very smoothly. It's a perfect size to carry in a pocket, and incredibly comfortable to write with. Posting the cap with just a little bit of pressure makes it seat very tightly, and the cap will not rattle or fall off. If you do that, it feels like a full size pen while writing. The weight is light, but satisfying, and I personally like the feel of a metal pen.

I have other pens that write as well, and some that look nearly as good, but this is a pen that is both distinctive and classy. When you bring this out to sign something, people will ask about it.

The only thing I could see some people disliking is the susceptibility of the raw aluminum to scratching. If you go to the Kaweco website, it will give you the following warning:

"The pen gets its own character and patina due to scratches and chafes. Attention! DON'T BUY if you don't like scratches."

As long as you know that before purchase, you will appreciate the pen that you have. You won't be able to avoid scratches, anyway.
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The only downside I see...
February 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
The only downside I see in this case is that pens occasionally stick out the side if you don't tuck them in the back of the left most pocket. As I only use this to take a few fountain pens and an iPad stylus back and forth to school with me, I generally only use the middle and right pockets.

I think the color in person looks a little more subdued than it did on my computer screen, so depending on how it looks to you this may be more of a dark olive green color. Personally, I love it.

For the price, this is a great value, and a perfect way to protect a few pens from getting scratched.
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