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A no-nonsense, good quality,...
November 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
A no-nonsense, good quality, well-priced hardworking pen. I picked this pen up on a whim on my last order and was pleasantly surprised at ti's performance. The 0.4 mm feels like it's actually 0.4. My experience with needle point pens is that they are scratchy and the tips can sometimes feel fragile. The morning glory has a sturdy needle point that I'm not afraid to put a bit of pressure on and writes surprisingly smooth (on bulk 3-ring binder paper and standard printer paper at least).

The design of the pen is simple and straightforward. There is no grip but it doesn't seem to get slippery when I'm writing for extended periods like some pens do. The metal clip does not hurt the web of my hand between thumb and forefinger as some metal clips do (I have large-ish hands, so this can be an issue for me).

The ink is a nice dark black, and writes smoothly, doesn't skip and writes the first time every time yet it does not seem to bleed through the paper very much. The pen can be left uncapped for a while (for example, when taking notes in class) without any threat of drying or skipping ink.

Overall, I found the morning glory mach II 0.4 mm liquid ink pen surprised me with the quality and usability. Before ordering it, I had not heard of this type of pen, but I'm glad I got it. Add this pen to your next order - you won't regret having this hard worker in your arsenal!
A marvelous everyday...
September 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
A marvelous everyday pen. This pen is my favorite. I have been ordering other pens to try them out and I always end up coming back to this one. I have gone through 11 of these pens so far and plan to continue using them. Some may find the line too thin, but I like it. The rubber grip seems to wear out and get a bit loose over longer periods of time (after replacing the inkwell once or twice). The cap also becomes a touch loose over a similar time period. I always put two or three of these on any Jetpens order I make. At the risk of making these pens be out of stock more frequently, I would recommend this pen to anyone looking for a hardworking, high quality, everyday pen.
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