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I found one of these...
July 30, 2014
I found one of these babies laying in the driveway of an abandoned house. It must have been laying there quite a good time since the outside has quite an amount of scratches. The inside however works like new. I love this pen, it holds a special place in my heart right next to my Parker Jotter. It is utilitarian, never leaks, looks a lot classier, and writes with a lot more character than a regular ball point. It often surprises folks when I hand it to them to sign things. It writes very smooth and very wet, no skipping at all. On that same page, or maybe a different page. (haha) As with any liquid ink pen that writes wet, you will have to consider paper choice when writing. Thinner lower quality paper will bleed and feather badly. It will be replaced when it runs dry. (or I may try to refill it as another user cleverly suggested)
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The Fisher Space Pen...
October 30, 2012
The Fisher Space Pen features awesome minimalist design, with a twist.

It is a very good quality product. This pen is virtually bulletproof as far as strength goes and is engineered to last a lifetime. Thankfully the esthetics is also both timeless and classy.

This is the ORIGINAL pressurized ink pen.

It is not a sleeker version of the Power-Tank, but the INSPIRATION for the Power-Tank. No disrespect is meant to the geniuses at Uni-Mitsubishi, because they made the Power-Tank an equally great product to the Space Pen. It is just that these two pens were created to do the same thing, but with a completely different design intent.

Uni engineered the Power-Tank to be a "better" disposable pen: One that writes predictably well regardless of the conditions thrust upon it. As most people know they succeeded, but it is still, as I’ve stated before, a disposable pen. It looks cheaply made, because in order to capture their design intent IT IS cheaply made.

I’d love to see Uni come out with a more mature facade for the Power-Tank. It is my workhorse for outdoor engineering work. For a serious meeting however, I would choose the Fisher Space Pen. Perception is everything. Something as trivial as so-called “pen ethics” could be the difference between a high paying contract and failure.
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Another smashing hit...
August 4, 2012
Another smashing hit from the folks at Uni. I work with animals and as such I come in contact with some pretty adverse conditions. These are my go to pen, hands down. If you are a law enforcement officer, military, or just have an unpredictable life these are the pens for you. Writes fine, but not scratchy. Ink flow is always smooth no matter the temperature or angle. If you tend to initial sign off sheets hanging vertically this pen will never let you down. Try the high grade if you require a classier look.
Truly great eraser. Thoroughly...
August 4, 2012
Truly great eraser. Thoroughly erases my errors without damaging the paper. I've used this brand for years and I consider them indispensable for any student who wants the best.
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