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Brilliant, short of perfect. ...
August 24, 2013
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Brilliant, short of perfect.

Engineer, artist, draftsman by training. I decided on this pen after researching extensively and trying broadly. The ink laydown of this unit is perhaps the finest I've experienced in any rollerball. The ink is extremely fluid and dense but dries instantaneously. It supports nearly any style of writing from frenetic to thoughtful. The pen itself is a bit on the light side, but the minimalist ergo grip makes for very efficient and low-fatigue handling. Elegant in appearance with a strong clip that is unusual in design but likely to be extremely durable without making it too difficult to clip to a pocket or retainer. The only thing I could not figure out was the pair of springs inside the pen body. With those installed, there was an incessant tinkle-rattle. I removed them with no ill effect on function. I just wish I knew what those springs were for as they seem to serve no purpose.
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