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Reviews Written by orientalpanda

October 27, 2013
I adore this pen. It...
Verified Purchase
I adore this pen. It was really my favorite especially since it was cute but completely functional! The lack of an eraser for the pencil component can be a little bothersome sometimes, but 90% of the time I am using a separate eraser anyways. I thought it would be too big for my small hands, but it's actually perfect and very comfortable.The only thing I didn't know was that the pencil component goes into the biggest clip so that it can actually pump out the lead. I carried it around with me everywhere because it was perfect for notes, and had every type of writing utensil I could need. The most tragic thing happened a couple weeks ago, when I opened my backpack and realized I couldn't find this guy anywhere. I abhor losing things, and I was especially sad to lose this LE pen. The blue-yellow was my favorite design of the 4 Majolica ones. The only thing is, I would really have to give this pen a 4.5/5 because of the expensive refills! If only my lost one could find its way back to me.

April 26, 2013
This is literally perfect...
Verified Purchase
This is literally perfect for me! I love the feel of this and it works so well. Ultimately, I find this a tad expensive because the refills can be a bit expensive, but this is what I've been reaching for ever since I ordered it! I was so excited and it really looks so cute. I'm considering ordering a back-up in case mine ever goes missing or anything, and it's LE too.

April 23, 2013
I think this pen is everything...
Verified Purchase
I think this pen is everything you want a fine-tipped gel pen to be. These are pretty pricey, but ever since my friend bought a pack I'd wanted to try them to. They write like a dream... on thick paper. But like with almost any other fine tip/gel pen, it'll be scratchy on thinner paper. Although, I've never had it skip no matter how thin the paper is. I guess I'm just a ball-point gal (and I remembered the hard--and expensive--way that gels are very prone to smudging, when I wrote on a bunch of senior photos only to have the gel ink smudging all over the photos underneath).

Also, these are pretty expensive, especially considering the fact that the build of the pen is quite poor. The logo "G-Tec-C" wore off very quickly, even though I only ever put my pens in a specific pouch of my backpack. It's hard plastic and can be uncomfortable to write with for a long time, but sometimes, I miss the fluidity and look of gels (much darker in comparison to the 0.5mm Jetstream black ink).

April 23, 2013
When I first found JetPens...
Verified Purchase
When I first found JetPens (what a glorious day that was), I knew I had to try some of these Uni-bal Jetstreams. I was hoping these would be my holy grail of pens, and that I would be an avid, loyal fan happily ever after. There's nothing really wrong with these pens and I definitely can see why people are in love with them, but unfortunately, they've been delegated to sit as back-ups in my pencil case for the time being. I did, somehow, find the purple ink to run smoother than the black-ink version I bought (same 0.5mm tip) but ultimately, I loved the smoothness of a ballpoint so I reverted back to those in various forms. I tend to write pretty quickly, and don't always have thick paper on hand, and sometimes only one, so during those times, the scratchiness of the 0.5mm really didn't help me out. Generally on top of a couple of decent papers, these went very smooth, but my notebooks were pretty cheap so they'd often skip or scratch too much. They definitely look like a gel ink, but I think I've come to accept that as much as I want to, fine-tipped even gel-esque pens won't work for me (I've been using Jetstream's 0.7mm refills which unfortunately don't have a great range of color like the gel-inks).

The body is very comfortable and the clicker feels really sturdy! It's light and thin (which might be comfortable with people with bigger hands than mine).

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April 23, 2013
I was hoping to fall...
Verified Purchase
I was hoping to fall in love with this pen, like so many others have before me. I love the flow and look of gel pens (for a long time, I would only use the Pilot G7 ones) but ultimately, I left it for the comfortable smoothness of ballpoints (regular ol' BIC disposable ones). So when I heard about the Jetstream, essentially the best of both worlds, I immediately wanted a few for myself.

I typically like very fine points, but now I realize that it comes with a price. While 0.5mm seems pretty standard, it just feels too scratchy to write on anything less than very quality paper. I love the body of the 0.5mm Jetstreams though, so I'll probably just order 0.7mm refills and use the same body. It's a very cute color and the color on screen seems fairly accurate to me. I ended up reverting back to my BIC ones, but am currently using the 0.7mm refills in my multi-pen, and they are GREAT. So much smoother and it is exactly what I wanted the 0.5mm to be. While I feel like I can be a little bit more sloppy with a 0.7mm tip, it sure beats the previous skipping and scratching of the 0.5mm.