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Reviews Written by hwpavane

May 25, 2013
I love these Field Note...
Verified Purchase
I love these Field Note Memo Books. First, they easily fit in my shirt pockets, pants pockets etc. I carry two with me at all times: one for songwriting ideas, as inspiration can come at any time and anyplace (hate to think of how many ideas I thought I'd remember); the second for general note taking. These books are stapled, no more looking for scraps of paper. Second, they work beautifully with my favorite Signo 0.38 pens. These aren't meant for fountain pen use, but who cares. I have journal books for that. These are Field Notes, perfect with fine line pens and pencils.

January 25, 2012
Best journal I've tried...
Verified Purchase
Best journal I've tried to date. I am in the quest for writing instruments, pens & papers, as part of a self-imposed long-term songwriting project - going "old school". I turned to JetPens to find, and experiment with, tools for handwriting. Writing with pen and paper helps to start and maintain the creative process in a way that computers cannot.

So far the Exacompta Journal is about as close to perfection as I could hope for. The size is a great compromise between too small and too large. The paper is a pleasure to write on and the refillable cover holds the refill securely (and looks beautiful). The lined refill has room at the top of each page for date and notes. The pages are permanently bound, they are not removable nor can extra pages be inserted. This is very important for my work, especially when it comes to proof of copyright.

I love writing with this system. I plan to order a bundle of refills to keep a consistent set of records of my handwritten songs. I also ordered another Exacompta Journal in a different color to jot down ideas (e.g. TItles, themes, storylines).

To quote from one of my songs; "There's nothing like pen on paper. There's nothing like the written word" ©2010 Howard Pavane

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January 25, 2012
Love this pen, it is...
Verified Purchase
Love this pen, it is quickly becoming my favorite. Writes rather fluidly for a 0.38 mm point. In fact, I am extremely impressed with how small I am able to write, without skipping or any problem whatsoever. It reminds me of fine writing instruments I used as a draftsperson many years ago. The green-black ink is a wonderful color, more of a pine green. I love writing with it so much that I plan to order more in different colors to use for both writing & drawing. At this price I can afford to indulge. Thanks JetPens.

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