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Reviews Written by amanda.underwood3

August 18, 2014
So I've always loved...
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So I've always loved the look of the Retro 51 and have a green one but its a bit heavy for my hand and the refills are too wide for my handwriting.

The Tornado Touch fixes both those problems. It is light and nice to use as a quick note jotter. The mustache is quirky and gets a smile every time someone notices it. I immediately swapped out for a gel refill and the screw mechanism came out quickly and was easy to manipulate. No issues with the stylus, played (and won!) the level of Plague I was stuck on. So definite win for the pen.

My only heartburn is with the twist mechanism. It is not particularly smooth and frequently I untwist the cap instead of retracting the pen nib. My guess is that the stylus makes a traditional knock impractical but I wish the unscrew mechanism was located in another place to avoid the crossover.

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July 12, 2013
Just a correction for...
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Just a correction for my original review. The buckle on the strap can move so it will lay almost flush with the jacket. Problem solved, dunce cap applied to self. :)

June 19, 2013
Its a close tie but I...
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Its a close tie but I think this paper edges out my Kokuyo Campus and MIO notebooks. I use all three interchangeably but Maruman keeps getting grabbed when I need a new one.

It handles my fountain pens as easily as the fine line gels I use to write. Smooth paper, ink doesn't take forever to dry (like Rhodia and Clarefontaine), and I can use both sides. Only caveat is that my FPs are XF, but I think the quality would hold for a broader nib as well.

June 19, 2013
Color saturation of ink...
Color saturation of ink is good but this pen is not comfortable to my hand. Still for the price, its a good deal.

June 19, 2013
So, this is cute and...
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So, this is cute and holds 3 of my Frixion slims with room to spare, but the belt lays on the inside of my planner which doesn't allow the planner to close and makes that side lumpy.

I just happen to have some extra stretchy webbing to hack it with so I can move the clip to a better location, but it should have the clip on the same side as the pocket. Maybe it would with a smaller notebook but I can't stand the pocket size notebooks.

May 30, 2013
I love these pens, the...
Verified Purchase
I love these pens, the erasible-ness (my new favorite non-word), the lovely fine tip and no issues in my Kokuyo notebooks. However, I managed to use all the ink in 2 pens in less than 2 weeks. I like them enough to pay for the refills but the capacity is ridiculously small.

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