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Does anyone know what...
October 10, 2015
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Does anyone know what ink is in there?

I love it. It's very dark, and extremely reliable. I would like to buy it in a bottle, but can't find any hint of what kind of ink it is. It doesn't fade to blue or yellow as typical dye inks do (that you would use in fountain and brush pens). I suspect it's a sumi ink, but they would be normally not suggested for pens.
That it is water solvable helps with creating nice effects - either dipping the pens in water, or layering water over afterwards.
Damn near perfect. I've...
December 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
Damn near perfect. I've tried pretty much all lettering pens you can get in Japan - and this one is the best for a pocket-pen.
The refill works just fine as complete pen. Looks well and is safe from leaking. The grip and all is good, so I don't see why one should get the clunky shell. That makes it also relatively cheap.

It's a felt tip, and so over time the line loses precision and punch. But I still give it 5 stars, since in the same category all pens have the same issue. Until then this one produces a very fine line (with some flexibitiy in the tip) - for all I know, the sharpest compared to other normal lettering pens.
Never store this eraser...
December 4, 2014
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Never store this eraser next to plastic objects - it starts to dissolve them!

Weird that no one else mentions it. This thing destroyed some pens and erasers of mine, by turning their plastic into goo - that strangely doesn't harden again. I had several of these erasers, so I don't think it's a single manufacturing mistake. Must be some nasty chemical in there.
It also started sticking to plastic surfaces I stored it on.

So yeah. It erases fine. And the black residue is practical for easy cleaning. It also looks neat... but this is just a no-go for me.
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I do not know why this...
February 1, 2010
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I do not know why this product would get any reward. Ok, it looks nice, but I'm sure the designer never used it for erasing - because its useless!
The shape makes it worse than a standard one, as there are less corners you can actually use for erasing. And especially when you come to the end of one of those cubes, it just gets bad.
Sorry, but this is just bad untested design.
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I'm using this since...
October 1, 2009
Verified Purchase
I'm using this since years now after I found them in Japan. After trying literally hundreds of pens this is the one I stuck with. It creates a great line - it allows perfect control over the line width, by being a bit firmer than other brush pens.
Additionally it is good for transporting in a pocket - it never runs out (just sometimes the ink gets very fluid, I have not figured out why yet). It's perfect if you're learning Japanese writing - learning a nice style and stroke order will come more natural to you.
Only drawback is that the tip quality goes down fast - especially the very fine top and fluidy goes away fast - you have to switch every month or so (depending on the use of course). A more durable tip would make this the perfect pen.
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