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Bought one of these years...
August 12, 2013
Bought one of these years ago, wore the paint off the side and went through several refills and two tips before I lost it on an army field exercise. Finally purchased another recently, it's like being reunited with an old friend. Best feltpen I've ever used.

My only half-gripe is that I have to slow my handwriting down a bit when I use it, but that's better for my penmanship anyway.
Picked up a pack of these...
January 6, 2011
Verified Purchase
Picked up a pack of these to refill a Sailor "INK PEN" I bought at Daiso a few years ago. Brilliantly smooth and reliable ink, even in a cheapo pen. Can't be happier with it, I'll likely buy a bottle so I can use it in other pens.
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