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I've had this pen for...
October 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've had this pen for a while now (also have the navy blue model). The first thing I did was install the Jetstream multi refills since they are the same size as the stock ballpoint refills. I prefer the Jetstream ink over the ballpoint, but the ballpoint isn't that bad on its own. Overall, it's a decent pen if you need multiple Jetstream ink colors.

Unfortunately, I must have dropped the pen because there's now a crack in the upper barrel. It's not obvious until you turn the grip; since it no longer maintains a tight fit around the thread on the lower barrel, the grip can keep spinning around.

It is marketed as an inexpensive pen, but I would recommend the official Jetstream 4+1 pen instead. Its build quality is much better and it feels more substantial.

It's too bad Uni doesn't make the green refill in 1.0MM flavor, otherwise I'd try to make a 4-color 1.0MM Jetstream multipen.
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I spotted this pen while...
February 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I spotted this pen while recently browsing JetPens. I'm addicted to the Jetstream series and have a bunch of multi-pens and single-ink pens, as well as a customized Hard Lock that accepts the Jetstream multi-pen refills. I experimented with the first line of Style Fit multi-pens and could never shake the feeling that they were somewhat cheap-feeling. I had a lot of customization options, but a plastic pen will usually feel too light in the hand.

I was excited to see a metal-body Jetstream multi-pen, but this pen has one glaring flaw which became obvious when I put the refills in:

You can't see how much ink is left in the refills.

The clear plastic gap in the middle is only partly useful for seeing the remaining ink supply and for seeing which ink you're currently using. You can't tell the ink color in use directly; you have to see the other two ink colors to determine which one you're using. (Other multi-pens have this same problem.)

Despite being made of metal, this pen feels insubstantial. I know there's a certain advantage in a lightweight pen, and this pen is inexpensive so it's not supposed to feel substantial. But I for one wouldn't mind if Uni/Mitsubishi came out with an upscale multi-pen body in the Style Fit series. (My ideal multi-pen would be a Zebra Sharbo X that can accept Jetstream refills.)

I would score this pen higher if there was a broader selection of body colors.
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For anyone reading the...
August 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
For anyone reading the negative reviews this pen (and the other variants) has gotten, the Jetstream multipen refills fit this pen perfectly. I didn't like the original refills either, so I swapped them out for Jetstream 0.7MM refills in black and red. (Some of Uni-ball's multipens have refills that are the same size as the Jetstream multipen refills; the Uni-ball Hard Lock can use the Jetstream refills too.)

The lack of an eraser is a head-scratcher, but I don't use the pencil that much so it's less of an issue for me.

I picked this up mainly for the Alpha Gel grip. I have the single Alpha Jetstream too.
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I just received this...
March 15, 2010
Verified Purchase
I just received this pen today, and I had a hunch about the refills. So I took apart one of my Jetstream 3 multipens (also purchased from JetPens) and it has the same size refills as the Hard Lock 3. So now I have a Jetstream Hard Lock multipen.
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