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My expectations in this...
January 19, 2014
My expectations in this pen were high and not met. Indeed it arrived quickly, but the pen itself is not what I expected.

Being an owner of the Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1, I wanted to try something new. Thus, I bought this Uni Jetstream pen. These two pens are often compared and I have to say that the Pilot pen is better.


Build of the Uni: This Uni multi pen feels very lightweight which makes the pen feel cheap. The bottom top part of the pen is too light, and the pen clicking is too loud. I am not going to lie, the pen looks much better than Pilot's multi pen, but the overall feel does not compare. But I reiterate, this pen looks very professional.

Ink of the Uni: This is the part that disappointed me the most. All 4 ink colors worked well (and the Jetstream made a great writing experience) but after a few weeks, the red ink started to not work. The next week, the black ink stopped working. I would try writing and scribbling, but nothing came out (despite the full ink cartridge). After 3 weeks of having the pen, only the blue pen worked as the red, black, and green all "dried out" (I don't even know why they stopped working...)

To be honest, these are my only concerns about this pen. However, these two characteristics of a pen truly make a good pen, a good pen. The pencil works fine and writes like a typical mechanical pencil, but it feels like a cheap pen and the ink dries out easily.

At the end of the day, I would have rather spent 17$ on another Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1.
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