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Reviews Written by kmjreg

October 22, 2012
These leaf notes are...
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These leaf notes are beautiful, but the adhesive is not Post-It quality. If you use them on a single page the glue doesn't stick very well. They're fine in books because the pages keep them stuck to the page, but overall don't rely on them if you really need to remember something on a page. A good thing about this though is the multiple sizes and the leaf creates a wide area to write notes on. They also just look really cool when sticking out of a book.

October 17, 2012
Great eraser. The shavings...
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Great eraser. The shavings do collect around the eraser so it's less messy. I also find that this eraser is not that abrasive on the paper.

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October 17, 2012
I was a bit disappointed...
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I was a bit disappointed with this eraser. It's very cute and the slim profile allows a very precise erasing, but the eraser itself is a bit abrasive and feels cheap. Not for people who like a very smooth eraser like the Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun, which erases like a dream.

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