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This is a wonderful notebook....
October 30, 2013
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This is a wonderful notebook. It works very well with my fountain pens. The paper is at a great balance point between glassy smooth and textured. The texture provides just enough resistance that your pen doesn't run away from you, but is smooth enough that it doesn't catch or scratch on the paper. The paper itself is nice and thick. It is absorbent for a fast dry time, but doesn't show or bleed through in normal writing. (My bleed through test is to make a figure 8 motion with my wet writing 1.5mm Italic stub nib, and count the number of times it goes through the middle. With this paper you can start to see it showing through in the middle after 4 crossings, but it doesn't really bleed until closer to 8 crossings, and even then only in the very center.)

I think my biggest frustration is that when I made my final decision to get the B5 rather than the A5 I'd failed to notice that they have different line spacings. The A5 has a 8mm line and this one the B5 has a 9mm line. Which is a little bigger than I'm used to.
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