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Extremely disappointed....
January 9, 2011
Extremely disappointed. I used the pen for less than a week and it isn't writing any more. The pen cartridge MAJORLY SUCKS. Not only does it skip, but the ink also isn't a deep rich black (more like a dark grey) So if you have to get anything from the Alpha Gel series, DON'T GET THIS MODEL!

As for the grip, it was wonderful at first, but I think I held it with too much pressure and burst the material...you can see some bubbles inside the grip now. It still is quite comfy to hold though, but not as nice as before.
I like the weight of the pen. It balances nicely in my hand. Also like the fact that the grip is positioned nearer to the bottom since I tend to hold my pens and pencils on the lower end.

I'll give the Alpha Gel another chance but definitely NOT with this model. I think I'll try the Jetstream Alpha Gel next.
Great colours. Ink is...
January 9, 2011
Great colours. Ink is bright and vivid, and love the fine tip (though some might find the feeling too "scratchy"). At first, they all wrote like silk. However, I haven't even used up half the ink and two pens aren't writing any more. I think the tip gets clogged too easily. Sometimes now, the ink doesn't flow at first, and you have to scribble a few times to get it flowing. Won't be repurchasing since there are so many other gel color pens on the market now
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These pens perform super...
January 9, 2011
These pens perform super well. The ink flows beautifully without skipping. However, my only gripe is that the colours available are ugly. If they could combine the colour selection of the Hi Tec C pens with the quality of the UM-100's mechanics, it'd be a match made in heaven!
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