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Reviews Written by robert152

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Uni Hi-Uni Hi-Density Pencil Lead - 0.3 mm - HB - UNI UHU03300HB
  My personal favorite...., December 16, 2012
My personal favorite. This lead is great; it's very durable, writes smoothly, and lays a nice dark line.

I use this lead for everything, writing notes, writing college papers, filling in Scantrons, etc... It holds up to it all and does an amazing job.

I highly recommend this lead.
Pentel Stein Enhanced Silica Pencil Lead - 0.4 mm - HB - PENTEL C274-HB
  This is a good lead...., December 16, 2012
This is a good lead. It writes smoothly and lays a nice dark line. Most importantly, it is strong. I haven't broken any yet.

My only qualm with this lead, if I can describe this correctly, is this: I like to write on the "edge" of the lead. When I first load the lead I scribble on a piece of paper to get a nice 45 degree angle on it. I then write with the edge of that 45 degree angle to give me more precision, and I like how it "grips" the paper a bit more. With this lead though, it seems too soft and when I write it builds up lead particles on the lead itself which needs to be blown away after writing a few lines. Not a huge issue, but my Uni lead does not do this on 0.4 or my 0.3.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Besides that it is a very good lead.
Uni E-Knock Eraser - Black Body - UNI EH105P.24
  Let me start off by saying..., August 9, 2012
Let me start off by saying that I love this product. It erases very well, handling it is a pleasure. The only downside I have is that the barrel (where the thread is) has already developed 2 cracks, so if you erase at a certain angle the black tip falls off.

I don't erase hard, and it has remained in a backback that is lined and not very flexible. Not entirely sure how it happened. But I would definately buy it again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a clean eraser with great functionality.
Pentel Graph 1000 for Pro Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - PENTEL PG1003
  Let me start out by saying..., May 29, 2012
Let me start out by saying that I use this pencil for writing. I love precision and I write pretty small so I used a Zebra M-301 .5mm for years. Then I discovered JetPens. I purchased this pencil based off of the reviews on this site and have not been disappointed.

-The build quality, aesthitics, and feel are great.
-The pencil is heavier than what I am used to, but very comfortable to write with.
-I hold the pencil close to the tip and have no problems with writing.
-The grip is actually comfortable and offers control over the pencil.

All in all a great writing instrument.
Pentel EnerGel Euro Needle-Point Gel Ink Pen - 0.35 mm - Black - PENTEL BLN23-A
  This is a great pen!..., May 29, 2012
This is a great pen! I use it everyday for work and home. The lines are fine, crisp, and dark. Highly recommended!
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