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Reviews Written by neongalaxy55

October 1, 2011
honestly there is no...
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honestly there is no better eraser than the BLACK PEARL. if you have yet to check it out, do so soon. the unique shape of the black pearl is great for precision erasing. imagine the boxy, but with a much better shape to it.

pink pearls are terrible. mars is good, black pearls are the greatest.

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September 7, 2011
this is a great pen....
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this is a great pen. it is actually much heavier than i thought which is great. the pens write nicely, the pencil works just fine, and everything is perfectly in order. what i like most about this pen is that though it has five different things inside it, it is not thick, fat, and uncomfortable.

i would recommend this to anyone looking for a great multi pen.

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September 7, 2011
this is a very stylish...
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this is a very stylish pencil. it looks good, and is fun to introduce to people. the only problem i have with this pencil personally is the weight and materials used. i was actually expecting a much heavier pencil. the whole aluminum deal really isn't much of a plus in my opinion. because of this material, the pencil is lighter, and is not very lustrous or shiny. of course this is just personal preference. if you like the feeling of lightweight instruments, then this is probably for you. the features of this pencil are functional, and i am really bummed out that they took out that feature that lets the guide pipe have a maximum lenght (watch the video if you dont know what im talking about). so be careful cause this is a slightly different pencil than the one shown in the video.

this is a great pencil, but its not good enough to justify the price.

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