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Reviews Written by wiesenhahn.david

February 7, 2013
Very nice pen! The fit,...
Verified Purchase
Very nice pen! The fit, finish, and appearance of this pen are all great. It feels right, posted or not. The ink flows freely and evenly. If I haven't used this pen in a while, it will take a couple of attempts to get the ink to flow, but once it starts, it puts down an even, consistent line. The nib writes well from most angles. For a medium nib, it writes a bit wider than I would prefer, but this is subjective.

February 1, 2013
Nice pen, but with some...
Verified Purchase
Nice pen, but with some issues. The pen is attractive, and the clear window in the mid-section allows me to see the color of ink and how much is left. The converter works well, and the pen uses standard cartridges. This pen is advertised as having a medium nib, but I found it to be closer to a fine nib. Now for some things that aren't so great. The clip is slightly crooked. I doubt highly that I did this because I rarely use the clip (I can only recall using it once), and since it's pretty sturdy, it would take some force to move it, and I'm sure I didn't hit it that hard. This is cosmetic and not a big deal. My primary complaint is the intermittent ink flow. In the morning when I use the pen, it takes a while to get started. If it's been a couple of days since I used the pen (such as on Monday morning), it takes a bit more effort to get the ink flowing. Eventually the flow will be acceptable, but even then it will still occasionally skip, then catch up with a little spurt of ink. I've taken a lot of time to clean the pen and take good care of it, but it's just not a pen I can trust to be reliable or to write consistently.

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