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I am really glad to see...
March 27, 2013
I am really glad to see these available at Jetpens! The flow is ultra consistent and I've never once had one skip on me. I've tried many pens, in just about every category and when I really need something dependable, convenient, and that is still a pleasure to use. I grab this pen for sure. In my opinion it out ranks any other roller ball on the market... and yes, even the rollerball pens 10 times the price... There is just something about this pen that keeps me coming back for more! One thing I am really grateful for is the ability to buy the blue black color in bulk instead of only getting one at a time from the multicolor packs which are the norm, sold in stores. (When I say this pen is better than other roller balls, I'm really only talking about the consistency of flow. Other, more expensive rollerball pens will usually have better ergonomics, and heft, but what I've found is that these more expensive ones lack in consistency of flow and wetness.) This pen rocks, give it a try!!!
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The .3mm in this case...
February 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
The .3mm in this case refers to the line width not the actually tip size. I first noticed this distinction when using the Staedtler ".3" roller ball pen and realized it was like a .7 ...So, just realize these roller balls in the .3 form are not the same as their gel pen counterparts. = )
If I ever run out of...
February 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
If I ever run out of paper, which probably won't ever happen, it's nice to know that anything around me could potentially become my writing surface. So far, I've tried it on glass and metal, and it really works well. On paper this thing is a dream... it flows great and the ink is super duper jet black! It also feels sharp, which is a bonus in my book!! I think this is destined to become my new favorite pen! I can't wait to try it out on my bathroom mirror!!!
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This pen writes sharp,...
December 11, 2010
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This pen writes sharp, wet, and consistent!!! I like it especially because it's wet for such a small tip, where most gel pens this size or smaller are dry, almost like a ballpoint.
February 24, 2010
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September 24, 2009
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There is a trade off...
July 18, 2009
There is a trade off here. You sacrifice water and smudge resistence for pure color saturation. This ink is the strogest blue I have yet tried, but it smears and smudges too easily for me to continue using it. So in the realm of color I would give it a 5/5, but in usability 3/5...
The ninja master of gel...
May 22, 2009
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The ninja master of gel pens!!
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I don't think this pen...
March 5, 2009
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I don't think this pen gets enough respect! It has the blackest color ink and best flow I have yet to experience. I can't stand other gel pens that seem to write "streaky, dry and hollow." This pen is on the "wetter" side of things in order to achieve such amazing consistency.
WOW!!! I have given up...
February 26, 2009
Verified Purchase
WOW!!! I have given up on all other pens (including fountain pens) because of this simple yet amazing gel writer. The barrel is nice and long with a slightly enlarged grip area that fits my hand perfectly. The ink is just amazing with a super smooth feel and a dark vibrant color. If you have a cursive hand this pen is for you!
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