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Reviews Written by thetimethief

December 24, 2011
OMG! This is a fantastic...
OMG! This is a fantastic pen! My coworkers covet it. Perfect, no smear. I have a stash, & you'll want one too!

August 19, 2011
I have to agree that...
I have to agree that the body isn't anything special. The color is nice, but nothing to write home about. The ink, however, is rather lovely. The black ink is dark like a gel and doesn't smear. I work as a nurse, so not smearing matters. I've gotten more than one coveting look after they tried it and found how smooth it writes and how nice the ink was. Most assuredly a keeper!

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July 2, 2011
The color is wonderfully...
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The color is wonderfully bright and the material is sturdy. The zippers are smooth and of good construction. The only thing I could say negative is if you fill it chock full pens could fall out the left side. There's an inch long opening that's not exactly convenient, but not enough to lose a star for. Good buy!

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