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Reviews Written by tohoscope

September 23, 2010
I've only used disposable...
Verified Purchase
I've only used disposable fountain pens up 'til buying the Noodler's Ink Fountain Pen, and there's a definite difference. I thought I'd used some decent disposable fountain pens in the past, but this is way better then I expected. Drawing and writing with this pen is like going from a Big Wheel to a Cadillac. It's that good.

I'm gonna have to get another one.

September 23, 2010
This brush pen is a disappoint...
Verified Purchase
This brush pen is a disappointment in every way.

The materials used in the construction of this pen are cheap. Within the first hour of using it the barrel split down the very thin side. What use I did get from the brush was frustrating. I couldn't get the bristles to come to a point no matter how much I rolled the brush tip. It pulled a very bad line when drawn across paper. Two disposable synthetic brush pens I had bought the week before have preformed better then this overpriced mess. And they were better constructed, too.

November 2, 2009
Since the other size...
Verified Purchase
Since the other size Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen was already sold out I got one of these instead. And based on the performance of this pen I can't wait for the other pen to get back in stock.

The nib on this pen is very responsive. I've been drawing with other disposable fountain pens and I can get a slight variation of line width with them. But nothing like I can with this pen. The pen touch on this is incredible. If you've used G-pen dip pen nibs you get the same kind of pen touch with this, only without having to dip and clean the nib tip all the time. If you're a cartoonist you'll find this to be a fantastic fountain pen.

Please, PLEASE ORDER MORE SOON! I want to buy a dozen of these!

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October 2, 2008
I've used these Pentel...
I've used these Pentel brush pens for over a decade. They are perfect for doing ink illustrations. Line control is excellent. Highly recommended for artists.