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Reviews Written by stationeryobsessed

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Kutsuwa Stad One-Push Pencil Holder - Black - KUTSUWA RH010BK
  I bought this as my collection..., August 28, 2013
I bought this as my collection of pencils too small to write with was becoming worrying (it started in year 7 18 years ago). This pencil holder it is fantastic! It is a good weight, and very comfortable to write with. Holds the pencils very well. It also has an eraser, which I didm't realise when I purchased it, then was super excited when I found it. This is my new favourite office item! Thanks Jet Pens.
Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case - Yellow - NOMADIC EPE 08 YELLOW
  Fantastic pencil case,..., March 10, 2013
Fantastic pencil case, holds tons of stuff! I have 34 pens/pencils/markers, a pen pass, 5 smiley clips, 3 sets post its, 2 erasers, correction tape and 2 lead refills and a ruler (15cm). Keeps things organised too. My favourite pencil case so far. Also fits nicely in my uni satchel. Heaps of pens in minimal space! It's great.
Ohto Smile Slide Clipper Paper Clip - Small - Vivid Color Set - Pack of 10 - OHTO SLS-500S-V
  Super cute and do the..., March 10, 2013
Super cute and do the job perfectly! Easy to use too!
Seed Slendy + Super Slim Knock Eraser I - Black Body - SEED EH-S-K
  I love everything about..., March 10, 2013
I love everything about this eraser. I purchased it for the maths courses I'm currently undertaking and it's perfect. It's so slim it takes up barely any room in my pencil case, but also has a nice weight to it for ease of use. The eraser works really well, erasing neatly and precisely. The eraser does not move around and the mechanism is easy to use. For the small size, it does not waste away quickly either, thou I use this eraser for erasing small errors where precision is necessary, for larger jobs I use a block eraser. This eraser would be great for anyone who needs precision. Will definitely buy again.
Pentel Petit-Corre Correction Tape - 4 mm Width - PENTEL XZT164W
  Perfect correction tape...., March 10, 2013
Perfect correction tape. unlike the 5mm in the same product range the 4mm works perfectly. It's the perfect size to fit into my pencil case. I dislike bulky correction tapes so this range is perfect. I don't find it difficult to use or too small. Will definitely purchase again.
Pentel Petit-Corre Correction Tape - 5 mm Width - PENTEL XZT165W
  This correction tape..., March 10, 2013
This correction tape is great for it's size and varying widths however the tape adheres to the paper but not to the ink, therefore leaving the mistake clearly visible. I have tried different kinds of inks and pens, normal, gel, felt tip but it performs the same. I will not buy this size again. it's disappointing that such a great concept performs poorly. I was surprised as the pentel petit deco tapes are fantastic. Surprisingly the 4mm one works perfectly and I will continue to buy that one. I will be leaving 5 stars for the 4mm.
Moleskine Travelling Collection Case - Black - MOLESKINE 978-88-6613-989-8
  This case is perfect..., July 31, 2012
This case is perfect for my ultimate uni essentials. I bought this as i wanted something small and sturdy that I could could take to uni. After be accustomed to the Dr. Ion super mega pencil case, it took me over 2 hours to decide what essentials were going in it! I use it for the following:
1 pentel multi 8
1 pilot spotliter 2
1 zebra tect 2way
1 papermate inkjoy
1 verbatim clip flash drive
1 kita-boshi pencil lead sharpener
I really like the velvety lining too. Fantastic sturdy, mini, light weight pencil case!
Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Super Mega Pencil Case - Black - KUTSUWA 169DRBK
  Like the review above,..., July 31, 2012
Like the review above, I am a pen/stationery addict, and a big one. This pencil case is fantastic. I use it as my main uni storage and it fits the following:
7 pilot spotlighters
1 ain supplio + spare leads
1 papermate eracer
9 Fixion markers
11 pilot frixion pens
1 artline medium marker
2 sets spare batteries (AAA & 2032)
1 trojan mini tool set (changing calculator batteries mid exam!!)
2 mini 15cm rulers
1 post it note pad (15 x10cm)
1 set JSTORY index stickers
1 SHARP financial calculator
4 sets of brio's (depending my mood!!!) total of 12
1 white out
1 USB stick
While I usually take this to uni, this semesters text books weigh an absolute ton, so I have recently bought a moleskin multipurpose case for the 'ultimate essentials'. The Dr. Ion is a fantastic pencil case that can fit a multitude of things, and the perfect solution for the stationery addict that simply can not go without a decent selection of their favourites! Extremely sturdy and well made. My case has been carrying the above (and sometimes more) for over 1 1/2 years without a problem. Lots of pockets and storage options, it has a place for everything. Perfect for the OCD organiser as well (another fault of mine). Overall faultless pencil/storage case.
Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil Flower Collection - 0.5 mm - Rose Flower - Limited Edition - UNI M54501P.RF
  Really pretty pencil...., July 31, 2012
Really pretty pencil. the auto rotational mechanism is pure genius! The grip is comfortable. The only downside for me, and it's only small, is that it is quite light in my hand. Other than that I love it!
Zebra Tect 2way Light Drafting Pencil - 0.7 mm - Light Blue Body - ZEBRA MAB42-LB
  Awesome pencil! I love..., July 31, 2012
Awesome pencil! I love the weight of it, perfect for me. I also find the grip really comfortable to write with. The lock function is really handy. Great colour and overall design:)
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