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Reviews Written by parsifalsSister

October 1, 2011
I absolutely love this...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this pen. It far exceeded my expectations for a moderate priced fountain pen. It writes and draws with a fine line (approx. 03) and is steady in the hand. Its light weight makes it a non-stop writer, and the cartridge seems to have an endless supply of ink and hasn't forced me to make a change or try out a converter after days of heavy use.

I've been sketching with it as much as writing and can't say enough good things about the experience.

I liked this pen so much I bought a second, a rarity for me, but I suspect these pens will become a rage or a cult pen one day, and a second seemed like a must-have.

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October 1, 2011
This is my second Prera,...
Verified Purchase
This is my second Prera, and I like it as much as the first. It fits in the hand like the right sized glove, writes and writes and draws and draws a fine line (approx. 03 when compared to others) and is well balanced.

It is light weight and small, but it is just perfect for a pocket, bag or pen case and offers you a great writing experience at half the price of many of the fountain pens on the market--and way up scale from the Penmanship, another pen I favour.

August 25, 2011
I bought this pen on...
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen on a recommendation and I must say the more I use it the more I am pleased with this purchase. It sits well in the hand, consistently draws and writes well on all surfaces and is weighted well for long writing and/or drawing sessions.

If it came in another colour, I'd buy another.

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August 7, 2011
This has proven to be...
Verified Purchase
This has proven to be the best buy of the several pencil cases I've bought. It holds my coloured pencils, and accessories without adding much weight to my hand or bag, and remains firm but not stiff.

I recommend it highly for those who wish to have just a few more pencils in their bag, about 30, and still not feel overwhelmed with a large case.

The colour also suits me as it seems cleaner and fresher than the black.

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June 4, 2011
This is a very utilitarian...
Verified Purchase
This is a very utilitarian case for a half dozen or so fountain pens, holds its shape, can stand on its own, and appears durable.

My only fault with it is the length of the zipper. It would be easier to place the pens or pencils in with a longer opening, but perhaps the design would not permit it to stand up.

It is worthy of purchase and daily use.

June 4, 2011
While this is not my...
Verified Purchase
While this is not my favourite pencil case, it ranks up there with some I'd consider excellent.

Its size and proportion is excellent for those markers so many have in their stash and don't always go in a different, shorter case.

The red is a warm colour, and helps me distinguish it from my other myriad cases.

June 4, 2011
I've bought numerous...
Verified Purchase
I've bought numerous pencil cases, and this one tops the list for ease of use, generous and ample opening and closure, full bodied to hold more than a dozen pencils, an eraser and a sharpener.

I get it for a budding artist, my 7 year olld grand-daughter and she will be taking it to school and using it at home.

It stands up and holds its shape regardless of how full or empty it is.

A real winner.

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January 19, 2009
I was thrilled to hear...
Verified Purchase
I was thrilled to hear that Jet Pens were going to carry the Autumn shades of the Iroshizuku inks and snatched this colour up immediately.

The Momiji is a lovely shade of vermillion and the ink itself runs smoothly through both my Japanese Sailor Sapporo and M1911, and my Rotring 600.

A lubricating ink, quick drying (_10s) for most papers, it is a sure winner.

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