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Reviews Written by idriveajeed

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Uni Style Fit Multi Pen Mechanical Pencil Component - 0.5 mm - UNI M5R189
  Thanks for the helpful..., November 6, 2009
Thanks for the helpful info, chris6283kim. I was afraid the pencil would have been too fragile for me to attempt separating the spring component from the lead sleeve, but it came apart without any problems. This pencil deserves 5 stars! If you're on the fence about this purchase, jump off and buy it now.
Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Black - UNI UM100.24
  Great value for what..., October 28, 2009
Great value for what you're getting. Very smooth, very nice. I'd be using these instead of the DX if they had this in 0.38. I actually prefer the pen without the rubber grip, since it makes the pen look more minimal. Often borrowed, rarely returned. Get more than one.
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Black - UNI UM151.24
  Absolutely delightful...., October 28, 2009
Absolutely delightful. Very smooth, very crisp. Nice sturdy tip. I would otherwise be using a Pilot Hi-Tec C (ever so slightly darker and smoother, in my opinion) if not for their needle tips, which bend after being dropped. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't drop my pen, but sometimes, it can't be helped.

If you're looking for quality writing to be coveted by all (people keep snatching this one when I'm not looking), this pen is the promised land. Pick up a pack of 10. These disappear quickly.
Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.28 mm - Red - UNI UMR10928.15
  Nice pen. May feel a..., October 28, 2009
Nice pen. May feel a tad scratchy for those accustomed to writing with 0.7, but it's certainly a great performer for such a thin tip. Dropped several times, but the tip never took damage.
Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.38 mm - Black - UNI UMR10938.24
  Wonderful pen. Writes..., October 28, 2009
Wonderful pen. Writes smoothly most of the time. Very infrequently, the line will get very skinny and scatchy for a second, but we're talking once a month here. Still, not quite as smooth or dark as the Pilot Hi-Tec C.

The tip on this pen is much preferred over the Hi-Tec C tip (needle tip which yields to strong pressure). I've dropped the pen a number of times (sometimes on the tip) but it's still going strong.
Uni Style Fit Multi Pen Mechanical Pencil Component - 0.5 mm - UNI M5R189
  In response to the review..., October 28, 2009
In response to the review by war, I'm sorry if you (or any other readers) got the impression that I do not own the product. I had purchased and used the pencil before I made the review.

I meant that I would have preferred the product be refillable in the same manner as most pre-loaded mechanical pencils are refilled, as in, not by pushing a piece of lead through the writing tip with the clicker held down, but through the non-writing end. The non-writing end of the pencil is actually closed off by the attachment of a plastic piece which holds the pencil in place within the pen body.

I could understand why this pencil has such a limitation, since there is so little room to spare inside the pen body as it is. I am otherwise delighted to have this product available to me. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. If it makes everyone happy, I've given the product 4 stars this time around.

war is correct; it is filled with 3 leads. The leads feel harder than HB, which makes sense, since a softer lead with more graphite and less clay runs out more quickly. It creates a lighter line, but the line does not smudge as easily.
Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.3 mm - Circle - Black Body - TOMBOW EH-KUR11
  Wonderfully useful for..., September 4, 2009
Wonderfully useful for erasing small areas. Eraser is quite solid in use, won't slide back in while erasing. Doesn't quite stack up to the chunkier Boxy or Staedtler erasers in terms of erasing power, but who will notice if your corrections are so small?
Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.5 mm - Brown Black - UNI UMR10905.22
  Writes the color of dark..., September 4, 2009
Writes the color of dark chocolate 60%. I could go for even darker, maybe 90%. If you're not comparing it to black ink, it will seem black enough. I like it. Writes just as well as Uniball's regular gel pens.
Uni Style Fit Multi Pen Mechanical Pencil Component - 0.5 mm - UNI M5R189
  Writes nicely. No problems...., September 4, 2009
Writes nicely. No problems. Functions like a regular mechanical pencil.

My annoyance is that the pencil appears to be loaded with a single piece of lead without any convenient way to refill, except to buy another, or, if possible, and I haven't tried this yet, push a new piece of lead in through the front with the clicker held down.

Seems a bit wasteful, so the 3 stars are only because I expected that I could refill it. Otherwise, a decent multi-pen mechanical pencil. It would have been 4 stars otherwise. I'd buy it again.
Uni Style Fit 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Silver - UNI UE3H208.26
  Wonderful invention...., September 4, 2009
Wonderful invention. I've been waiting for a highly customizable pen like this. No wiggle in the tip while the pen is in use, although I wouldn't call it rock solid. You probably wouldn't notice it.

I've heard complaints about the tabs not staying down. I haven't had trouble with it. I just push the tab down until I hear a click, and it stays every time.

Only 4 stars, since the construction is just plastic. Nice plastic, mind you, but it's obviously not made to look or feel like a premium pen. It's quite light and skinny enough so you don't feel like you're writing with a lead pipe.

Ink is great. Smooth, no skipping, even in the 0.28mm.

Side note: the plastic product label comes off very cleanly (there's no adhesive) which is a major plus. Sticky goo left over from overzealous product labels are a pet peeve of mine. I don't feel like washing all my stuff in Goo Gone.
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