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Reviews Written by p.pocky

November 5, 2014
For any of you who are...
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For any of you who are curious, this specific black cartridge is actually markerproof with Copic and Prismacolor. That's the difference between this cartridge and the grey-barrel 'pigment ink' version. A random thing I notice is that when I refilled the brush pen, I had to turn the cartridge in the order direction; instead of lefty-loosey, turn the cartridge to the right to loosen the cartridge to insert a refill. Hope that makes sense.

November 16, 2013
This pen is incredibly...
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This pen is incredibly sensitive to pressure. You barely need any force on your hand to make a nice clean line. The pen has a great weight to it (although the more you draw with it, the lighter it gets because of the ink reservoir). Price is great, and the ink in this baby will last a LONG time too. Very worth it.

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February 29, 2012
This stuff is really...
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This stuff is really watery to the point where it doesn't stay too well with a nib, and when you start writing with it, you THINK it's somewhat white, but the moment it dries on darker paper it suddenly fades about 5 shades. Even shaking the bottle vigorously does nothing.

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