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I was lucky enough to...
July 24, 2013
I was lucky enough to get one of these to try and they are lovely markers-- the tip is firm and the ink quite dark. As a lefty, I worry about ink smearing when using markers, but it dried quickly, even when writing in cursive and there was no smearing or ink all over my writing hand at the end of the day. The ink is DARK as a warning-- at least in green; while it did not bleed through the pages of my one notebook, it did ghost enough that I did not use both sides. For the price, it is a lovely addition for notes or doodling... I'll be getting all the other colors myself eventually.
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I really like these for...
September 19, 2012
I really like these for fast lettering and linework that doesn't NEED to be precise; I've had some problems with ink blobbing every so often, so I won't use them for anything important, but I've found that the ink is smooth, albeit taking a few seconds longer to dry than I like (something a lefty notes, trust me) , but it is colorfast, and I've had them last a LONG LONG time with a LOT of writing done with them, so they are rather nice for an inexpensive pen to carry around for writing in a notebook, or minor personal art projects.
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I cannot say enough about...
September 18, 2012
I cannot say enough about the entire Sakura Micron line -- as a lefty who loves inking my own pencilwork, I have to worry often about smearing ink and lines not holding true. I have never had a problem with that when I use these pens. I love the crispness of the finepoint, and how long they last. I've left them overnight in a car in over 100 degree heat and not had them dry up. Simply said, I consider these platinum class pens that are beyond affordable.
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