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Reviews Written by saladcpa

May 13, 2014
I used it in the Uni...
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I used it in the Uni Ball Signo DX & don't even need scotch tap. Once you measure & chop a piece of the orig. refill in the right size, you just place a slim knock refill on top of it, use a spring to hold it in place & it's as good as if it were made that way. Hope this suggestion helps some that like this refill like myself but don't like to use a microscopic pen.

November 28, 2013
This is an example of...
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This is an example of an even further improvement to an already-existing great product. The first two Machs were wonderful pens themselves. Yes, maybe wrote a tad thick on certain papers with some ink spread on the steno pad I generally use, but now this model eliminates any unwanted line thickness. The result on paper appears like a gel pen. And with a nice spacy modern look. Those Koreans really know what they're doing. Pilot and Uniball have no match! Nice work.

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November 15, 2013
Yeah, I hack it into...
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Yeah, I hack it into other pens too. For some reason, it's better than the traditional hi-tec C but too small/short so I just get some scotch tape, extend the refills and put them into just about any other pen (I've done Pilot G6s, Bic Velocity, etc.) You learn to use your ingenuity.