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This pen is beautiful. The...
December 29, 2008
This pen is beautiful.
The picture doesn't do it justice. It's extremely glossy, heavy, sturdy, and everything else.

Red and silver matches quite well, and the cap fits very well onto the pen. Capping it is a push, and it slides on, while posting it has a click. when posted, the cap will spin around freely.

The writing is rather nice, with the same amazing writing that one would expect of a Hi Tec C.

The only thing that might be rather bad is the body of the pen is extremely thin, thinner than a normal hi tec, and it gets a bit hard to write with if one writes too much. Another thing is that the pen is too shiny, as scratching it, for someone like me, is a terrible event.
They are extremely fine. REAL...
July 19, 2008
They are extremely fine.
REALLY FINE. It's fun to see how small one can write with them.
They are rather scratchy though, and it feels like they get thin and then thicker, so the consistency is not that great.

It is good for a novelty pen, but I won't ever see myself actually writing with this on a regular basis.
The best pen I have ever...
July 19, 2008
The best pen I have ever written with.
The ink is smooth, and flows extremely well for a .28.
The tip feels extremely sturdy, so I don't worry about pushing too hard or anything.
The barrel feels strong, and the grip is really nice as well.
It's very comfortable to hold in one's hand.
Overall, I can't wait to get some more of these! They will be my pen of choice for a long long time.
Okay, so I just got this...
July 19, 2008
Okay, so I just got this pen from a friend who went to Japan and brought back some pens.
First of all, I would like to say, that this is a bit scratchy.
It writes EXTREMELY well though.
It flows well, it has good consistent ink, and it does not smear.

The irks in this pen, at least for me, lie in the barrel and the point.
The point feels delicate, so it just doesn't feel natural sometimes.
The barrel feels somewhat cheap, and I don't really like the grip. It is just raised plastic, so if your hands ever get sweaty, then it gets uncomfortable.

Still, it is very recommended!
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Well, I am writing a...
December 17, 2007
Verified Purchase
Well, I am writing a review because there are not many reviews of this wonderful pen.

When this arrived in the mail, I was extremely surprised to see that this pen is short and thing. It is quite delicate looking and very compact; easy to fit in places.

The body is slick, and the textured plastic grip is also somewhat slick. This might be somewhat bad for people with extremely sweaty hands.

The pen writes extremely well though. I have writing that is small and joined together, and the gel ink comes out and flows smoothly along as I write.

Overall, I would suggest considering this pen due to its amazing writing abilities.
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