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I needed a small journal...
February 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
I needed a small journal to carry in my pants pocket. This one is the perfect size. The quality of the leather is nice and the price was resonable.
I got out my store of small journals to see if any would fit. Clairfontaine Life unplugged, one of my favorites, is too large! Smallest Rhodia notepad is too small. Moleskine Cahiers too large. Leuchtturm 1917 too large.

So, I see this is a unique size: 3 1/2" by 5". Like an old notecard.
I decided I'd better stock up on extra inserts. It came with one plain one, no lines.

Got out my pens to test how the combos of inks and nibs did.

This paper is good pretty much with very FINE nibs. My Sailor Prof. Gear fine did ok with Bad Black Mocassin.
A Pelikan 140 extra fine with Badger and Blade's 5 O'clock shadow was ok. Lamy 2000 ex fine with BB Mocassion ok.

The paper SUCKS up ink right out of the pens and leaves a "fuzzy" line with anything BUT a very fine nib.
#41 Brown from a .5 stub in Edison, was fuzzy. Baystate Blue from Pelikan ex fine was fuzzy.

What I mean by "fuzzy" is that it "Feathers." Most inks Feather on this paper.
The good news is that no inks showed BLEED through. Surprisingly, Diamine Green/Black from Estie 2556 wrote well and almost no feathering.

Conclusion: The leather journal is definitely worth the money! Very nice and antiquey! I'm not happy with the paper. I want a definite, clear line....I cannot say that this is possible without some feathering.

I see there is a pack of refills which includes a Sketch one that should be of better paper. I may try that one.
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I bought this pen to...
January 12, 2012
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen to carry when I'm riding my motorcycle. Keep it either in my jacket pocket or pants pocket.

It always writes the first time, no matter if it has stayed in the jacket for weeks. And, I've found that by replacing the cartridge by making it an "eyedropper," just putting a little silicone grease on the barrel and filling the barrel with ink...I carry the Bad Black Moccassin ink in it....waterproof, that I have the perfect carry pen.

It's a known fact that when you go to sign the gas receipt at a service station, or use the pen they give you at the Post Office, or Bank, that you are picking up one of the most germ laden devices for spreading disease!

Therefore, you should ALWAYS carry your OWN pen.....and when the check comes at a restaurant and they hand you a BIC, just pull out your Kaweco, and watch them gaze in awe as if you pulled a rabbit out of a hat!
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